Rainbow Moon isn't Just Rainbows (GameXplain Review)

GameXplain: "With downloadable games becoming more and more prevalent, it’s difficult not to question each game’s value. Sure the game you buy may be absolutely mind-blowing but if you spent $10 or $15 on an extremely short game then you might still feel a bit cheated. The release of Rainbow Moon exclusively on the PSN has bypassed this worry completely with a $15 asking price and dozens, if not hundreds, of hours of gameplay. With that kind of value, the only question becomes whether or not it’s actually worth playing."

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Eternalb2746d ago

I like JRPGs...except for the grinding. Not sure what I should do!

GribbleGrunger2746d ago

The one thing that will strike you right from the start is that the 'grinding' is the FUN part of the game. Later when you get 18 - 20 enemies on the screen and your moves have upgraded, it's a pure joy trying to figure out which is the right strategy. See it as a moving chess board and you get the idea.

newsguy2746d ago

but is it sunshine? get it? rainbow and sunshines? heh? ah, nevermind!

sdozzo2739d ago

It's a fun game... just lacking a little bit. Great for the price though.