New Super Mario Bros 2 is 370MB download from Nintendo eShop

It turns out that New Super Mario Bros 2 will be 370MB in size on the eShop when it releases for download next month. This seems to be the beginning of Nintendo getting serious about digital gaming.

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live2play2278d ago

cool a bit bigger than super mario 3d land

Samus HD2278d ago

how much is mario 3d land ?

live2play2278d ago

.36 gb - nsmb2
.31 gb - sm3d land

kingofe32278d ago

That's quite small, I don't see why people were worrying about maxing out they're SD cards. 2D Mario games don't take much space at all. Some of that space on my SD card is just for demos I don't play and I have an 8 GB card. Still have plently of room for this and a bunch of other titles. I think people are being too judgemental just because the game isn't $5 off on the eShop. I say who cares. Not all games on PSN is $5 off, but is anybody complaining?