SBG Review | Gravity Rush: Turned inside, outside and upside-down

Chris Dominowski: "It doesn’t take a genius to see that Sony’s new PlayStation Vita is going through a rough patch as of now. Low sales and waning interest in the handheld make it a tough sell for the time being. Sony intends to ease this software dry spell with its own Gravity Rush, a sandbox game meant to demonstrate the Vita’s graphical capabilities and input options. Is Gravity Rush enough of a winner to carry the new system into prosperity, or does it fall flat on its face?

I’m going to go ahead and say the inevitable, so I won’t be beating around the bush later: Gravity Rush’s gameplay simply doesn’t work."

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dafegamer2735d ago

oh then you are in the minority to think that the gameplay doesnt work oh and dont expect more hits on your site

ddurand12735d ago

why? because you disagree? I remember the first time I disagreed with someone....

I happen to agree with the author. The game was mediocre at best.

dafegamer2735d ago

sorry dude but nobody agrees with you to think that the game is mediocre at best troll

ddurand12735d ago

you need to re-evaluate your definition of an opinion.

G20WLY2735d ago

It's quite simple really ddurand1. Dafegamer has this game and can plainly see that it is at worst 7/10 and at best 9/10. For this reviewer's opinion to be so far wide of the mark, when compared to the dozens of other 'proper' reviewers and thousands of gamers that own it, frankly reeks of foul play and dishonesty.

Why would dafegamer (or others that strongly disagree with this score) ever feel happy trusting this reviewer's site in the future when their opinion may make gamers miss a worthwhile purchase and great gaming experience like this one? (A: they wouldn't).

I mean c'mon! Any self-respecting fanboy site knows that if you want to bash a great game for some sad brand-loyalty based inner-warmth, you have to do so before anyone that may care has run out and bought it! Doing so this far after launch can be very hazardous for a site's reputation. Oh, and those hits they were hunting? Short-term gain, long-term loss, so not very smart.

TLDR: This site/reviewer = FAIL

This is indesputable monkey business - and it saddens me :(

ddurand12735d ago

you people need to re-evaluate your definition of an opinion.

G20WLY2735d ago

ddurand1, I define 'opinion' in the same way as the next guy - and a dictionary.

Which leads me nicely to a killer blow; you really don't perceive even the slightest irony in your statement do you?! ;)

We all have opinions and that's fine. But you asked a question of dafegamer and I helpfully did the necessary thinking for you.

While we're criticising understandings of literal definitions, perhaps use a dictionary and look up 'review'. In the gaming world, we expect reviewers to also comment on the technichal traits of a product and these are in no way linked to your 'opinion', they are simply peformance related facts. Unfortunately this review contains very poor examples of this and wholly inaccurate interpretations, which are either amatuerish or deliberate mistruths.

I hope you can understand I'm sharing my opinion in the interst of the gamer :) Good day

dafegamer2735d ago

also are seriously comparing this game to Super mario galaxy?
1.They have nothing in common you cant compare the gravity gameplay of it with this at all
2.Clunky controls? That are basic controls hit the R button to float and tilt or use the left stick to control the direction. whats so difficult about it.
Sorry dude but dont call yourself a gamer and give this game a lower score based on issues that aren't issues at all

rpd1232735d ago

Dude the fact that you can't grasp the controls in this game is pathetic. They're fairly simple and not clunky at all. The combat isn't great but it's not a terrible system either. And the fact that there aren't vast amounts of side stories is a good thing. In Prototype those side missions were exactly the same as each other and the only reason I felt the need to do them was because you got a chance to upgrade your skills. Focusing on story is not a bad thing. In fact, you criticize the story for "feeling truncated". Then you say that it needs more side missions, most of which usually detract from the story and hinder the pace of the game. Choose one for Christ's sake, you're contradicting yourself.

Second, are you really complaining that you don't know her backstory? That's like bitching that you don't know Wolverine's back story. It's unimportant for the time being and is an awesome journey when you set out to discover it (most likely gonna be a sequel)

r212735d ago

no thanks, this game is an 8 out of 10 in my books.

SandWitch2735d ago

Same here, I would give it about 8.

It has some issues, but I can't ignore a lot of awesome things that it has. I love its open world, freedom, style, 3D comics, protagonist, originality etc.

If they can make a sequel with improved combat system and better story (story itself was OK, but the ending was very banal) - it's a must buy for me.

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