12 new things we’ve learned about Xbox 360 in 2012

GamesTM - Xbox 360 is with us for another year at least, but there’s loads to look forward to including Halo 4, Gears Of War Judgment and Xbox SmartGlass.

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user54670072304d ago

"and has some awe inspiring action that should give God Of War a run for its money"

"Remember when we said it looked better than Resi 4? Well you should believe us now."

...No...just no

guitarded772304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

Don't forget this gem


No... it doesn't.

I was really hoping for an insightful article with the title and all, but turns out to be another no substance article.

WeskerChildReborned2304d ago

I seriously hate how every game is compared to COD even if it's not even a FPS.

Reverent2304d ago

1 thing I learned about Xbox in 2012:

Microsoft doesn't give a f*ck about their core gamers.

_Aarix_2304d ago

Neither does sony. They are acting like EA what with their online passes and shutting down servers that are still this gen. I also hate how they make a shady side buisness off console failures.

jwk942304d ago

All vita games are available on PSN. PS3 full games are being added to PSN every week. They even have Lego Batman 2 and Raccoon City coming this week. What seems to be the problem?

eyesofmorning2304d ago

well.... i just learned about smart glass. kind of.