XBOX Live Arcade Gets Rez

The Arcade never fails to impress, and this week seems to be no different. SEGA's shooter Rez HD will be available to download from the XBOX Live Arcade this Wednesday (30th January) for 800 Microsoft Points (about £6.50).

The game features updated visuals and 5.1 surround sound. There is also a new option which gives players the ability to use up to four controllers as "trance vibrators" which is a chance to get off as the pads vibrate with the music.

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binard3284374d ago

I'll be spending my 800 points for it.

Ahmadinejad4374d ago

YEssss, finally soemthing i can make my girlfriend enjoy too but are they releaseing the vibrator peripheral for it?

marc 19754373d ago

i had this for the dreamcast i loved it and now for xbox live i will be buying this defo

Coke-a-Cola4373d ago

The Moment they SOLVE RROD..........I am getting one. Too many Great Games to ignore.