Reports of the Death of Consoles Are Greatly Exaggerated

X360A - Are consoles really a dying breed? An increasing number of industry players and pundits think so. Everyone from Crytek to David Jaffe and a million mobile developers (surprise!) say that this next generation will be the last. But save that space under your TV, because we reckon there’s life in consoles yet.

The way games are made, delivered and consumed is changing more rapidly than at any other point in the industry’s history. As a result, some of the old ways of doing business will cease to exist. That much is inevitable. But many of the arguments employed by the naysayers are flawed.

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Psycho_PS3Truthh2734d ago

Console is the future of gaming and everything in the living room. My personal prediction of the Playstation future consoles will be omnipresent.

Holographic gaming will be around with the PS5 or PS6 and the dual shock 5 or six will be able to stream holographic images but not just any holographic image, the future of the playstation will have touchable hologram just like how we have touch screens within society.

The Playstation is an eternal brand and soon as you think you catch it up, it will ascend to being a higher holy machine than what mankind can imagine.