WRC3 regional pack shots revealed

VVV: "We've also stumbled upon the official packshots for WRC3. Intriguingly, however, it seems that different regions will get a different cover car - the packshots for Germany depict a VW Polo R, whereas France will have a Citroen DS3 and the UK will get a classic Mini (well what else?)."

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ooquis2305d ago

hopefully there will be a demo before launch.

Adolph Fitler2305d ago

Why are they bothering, & even more scary is how in the hell are they up to a 3rd sequel? I mean, is this series even selling enough to justify a sequel?

WRC was best off in Evolution Studios (Motorstorm), as there PS2 WRC titles went from a good series with pt 1, to one of the best rally series (as well as racing game series in general), with there last offering in WRC3:Evolution.
I'd love to see Evolution Studios do another WRC. Also, why not give is a spruced up HD version of either just WRC:3, or all 3 redone, improved & Hd'd up & sold on PSN.