City Of Steam Preview - XMMORPG

Mechanist Games have just launched the alpha phase of their upcoming MMORPG, City of Steam, and were nice enough to offer us the opportunity of testing the game in this early alpha phase. Based on the popular table-top RPG series, The New Epoch, City of Steam throws players into an intense dungeon crawling experience, offering a variety of intriguing features available directly through your browser. As soon as I launched the game I was met with an impressive introduction cinematic, taking me on a journey in the skies above one of the steam-punk themed cities. Surrounded by tall buildings, steam-punk ships and a vast ocean, the opening really sets the tone.

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SimbaDC6502873d ago

tried it, its not for me.

CaptainCamper2873d ago

I'm not a huge fan of dungeon crawlers but as a browser-based MMO in early alpha, it's one of the most polished browser experiences I've enjoyed.