Freak Yourself Right the Hell Out With This Live-Action Slender Video

Go ahead, see how much of this you can take. What's the matter? The clip is only 2:09 long.

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dedicatedtogamers2740d ago

I played this game last night. It's pretty scary, but only if you're freaked out by sound/lighting effects. The actual Slender Man guy doesn't look very scary.

Jio2740d ago

A tall faceless guy that doesn't move when you look at him and can teleport is not scary to you?

dedicatedtogamers2740d ago

The constant heartbeat and breathing noises are scarier to me but ymmv.

WeskerChildReborned2740d ago

I think it uses cheap scares like pop ups but i don't really mind.

Them_Bones2740d ago

This is the best horror game this gen.
I know there is basically nothing to it but that's all it takes to hold that title this gen.

r212740d ago

its not the best, its one of the best including Amnesia, Siren New Blood Curse and Ju-on.

Xristo2740d ago

That's either an ignorant statement or bold statement....have you even played Amnesia? If that game didn't freak you out and this game does, then I cannot wait to play!

Bimkoblerutso2740d ago

It's a pretty scary game...the first time you play it. Considering the repetitiveness of it all and the lack of polish (even for an indie game), in it's current form it will never really hold a candle to the perpetual dread that a game like Amnesia provides for all of it's six or seven hours of playtime.

Not to mention that in Slender the only difference there is in failing and collecting all eight pages is a credits reel. It's really only good for that very first five or six minute playthrough.

ApolloTheBoss2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

Have you ever heard of BloodyCheckers? It's a horror RPG on XBLA. It may be an Indie game but it's gotta have the biggest bang for your buck, LITERALLY. It's only a dollar, yet it has a 25 hour campaign (you heard right, 25 HOURS) and tons of levels. Not to mention that it's pretty scary. I recommend checking it out. IF you have an Xbox of course.

bigrook2738d ago

Hey thanks for the info, I downloaded the game and its freekin awesome !! For a dollar I can't believe it must be a promo or something... Very creepy game. I look forward to 25 hours of exploration and being creeped out !!

MySwordIsHeavenly2740d ago

I'm not sure why anyone would find that video scary. The game itself could be scary, if you're ten.

eddvdm2739d ago

There`s this video found at the `unnoficial` site, nice one >D