Where next for Final Fantasy?

GameReactor - You can argue (series stalwarts will claim it simple fact) that Final Fantasy's been crippled by creative arthritis for some years now.

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richierich2304d ago

I dont even want to think about it

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PirateThom2304d ago

It's a weird situation where SCE hold an 8.25% stake in Square Enix, the third largest share holder, from the last time they Square a ton of bad moves, yet have recieved, far and away, the worst support from them this gen.

Just odd...

BanditGamer2304d ago

I do not possess the mental dexterity to follow your sentence/statement fully. But I'm inclined to agree.

AnotherProGamer2304d ago

whats next for final fantasy?

Versus 13

Irishguy952304d ago

or xiii-3


Serious, same thing happened last time, it was supposed to be Versus turn, Xiii-2 was announced/.

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The story is too old to be commented.