How PS All-Stars Can Outshine Super Smash Brothers

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale is set to release this October from developer Superbot Entertainment. The game will bring together for the first time various characters from many different Sony IPs into one mega brawl for supremacy. Since the first reveal of the game almost a year ago, there have been plenty of comparisons to Nintendo's mash-up fighter Super Smash Brothers, and rightly so. Yet even with the obvious concepts and mechanics borrowed from Nintendo's all-star fighter, there is a setup waiting to be utilized by Superbot to surpass and outshine Super Smash Brothers.

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-Mika-2740d ago

In my opnion. It already better. It has alot more depth since you can do combos and all of the characters has alot of advanced options.

Second the game is not camper friendly. In order to score a point. You need to use a super and in order to get a super. You need to be offensive. This right here automatically makes me love the game.

Reverent2740d ago

I agree. While I love SSB and I know SSB players will hate you for saying that, it's true. From what I can see, PSASBR will definitely have plenty of skill advancement for players and I feel like because of this, it will grow a very strong fanbase who will continue to support the game through its best and worst.

I'm definitely going to be one of them.

PoSTedUP2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

more like "where" can PSallstars outshine SSB. answer: exactly where mika stated, but that's about it maybe a few other things. but Psallstars completely outshine SSB? ha cmon lets be realistic... PSallstars will have its advantages, i will probably play it religiously. but SSB is a beast, a classic, its SSB!!! you can never make another game like FF7, goldeneye, another batman darknight just as good etc. im sorry but SSB just falls into this category IMO.

lastdual2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

The question is whether those features will actually make for a better game. Remember when N4G was declaring that Mod Nation Racers was going to be a Mario Kart killer?

Smash Brothers succeeds for a number of reasons. Its largely G-rated cast provides a wonderfully absurd contrast to the genre. The gameplay is easy to pick up for casuals, but rewards competitive gamers who peel away the layers. It gives players a crazy level of unlocks and customization, etc.

Mod Nation Racers also had a bunch of impressive features, but the implementation never felt as polished as it could have been. I'm still skeptical as to whether All-Stars will succeed in all those finer details that SSB gets right.

crxss2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

the only issue I have with this game is how it feels. Characters all feel extremely "floaty" and don't have any weight to them. When it comes to Smash Brothers each character felt just like their character should and the response times for them are amazing. Superbot still has some work to do.

Also the effing name, it needs to be redubbed as something much shorter. Like.... PlayStation Battle Royale

sikbeta2739d ago

This Game IF:

*Becomes successful = it'll be because it's an Smash Clone


*Gets poor reviews and sales = it'll be because it's an Smash Clone


MaxXAttaxX2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

They're on two different systems with different characters and franchises.

Also this:

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Blastoise2740d ago

I think its too early to say its already better...

But I do agree, I like the fact you have to play offensively to win, you cant just wait for your enemies to get each others percentages up to like 100% and then run in and steal the show.

Sono4212739d ago

There's a pretty easy way they could fix this in the next smash bros. installment. Make it so whoever gave the opponent the most damage is awarded the kill regardless of how he died. I'm hoping they do this but I have my doubts.

Gamesgbkiller2740d ago

Yup !
But some guys don't really care
i don't know why

WeskerChildReborned2740d ago

Yea agreed, it looks pretty good.

Outside_ofthe_Box2740d ago

Yeah... I'ma wait until I play the game to ultimately decide if it outshines SSB.

It does look like it has more depth though, definitely more than it does at first glance when we first saw the game.

xursz2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

I'm just glad to see this hasn't turned into a bash All-Stars / Smash Bros. thread.

homer2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

You can do combos in SSB. You can do combos in pretty much every fighting game. -_-
Edit: Also, you make it seem as if promoting one style of play is superior. If anything, that makes ps all stars worse if it is as you say, everyone has to be offensive. Smash bros. shines because it promotes a variety of play options from offensive to defensive to unorthodox.

admiralvic2739d ago

I fully agree. I never got why people have problems with "campers" when it's just another style of gameplay. Going off what I saw at E3, the aggressive requirement is actually a flaw. Since everyone needed to attack to win, everyone was bunched together. Due to this it was EXTREMELY easy to kill all 3 people with a level 1 super. I did that several times with Parappa and it struck me as a common annoyance you will face.

Simon_Brezhnev2739d ago

Well if you want a defense style go play SSF4. Everybody hate turltes/campers. You must play like that or something. I guess its fun to just sit back and wait. This is not a FPS where one hit can kill you.

MaxXAttaxX2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

You can't really compare the "combos" in SSB with other fighting games. Especially since some SSB characters have close to no combos.
In SSB there aren't many hits you can chain, you're air juggling your opponent almost one attack at a time with a lot of move repetition your opponent is knocked off the stage. This is what happens most of the time.

No one's hating on SSB, but just letting you know, PS Battle Royale isn't about that.

And how does offensiveness make it worse? Have you ever thought that maybe it DOESN'T HAVE TO play exactly like SSB? And even though it focuses more on offensive play than platforming(SSB), you can still be defensive in Battle Royale.

It's a different play style. And the general consensus of those who have played it say it's really fun.

MaxXAttaxX2739d ago

And did I forget to mention you can dodge/block/recover from super moves in PS Battle Royale as well?
Well there you go. It's not strictly an offensive game.

homer2739d ago

Lol. You can do things of that nature in smash bros, and most other fighting games. In fact, if you look, some of those "combos" were just people juggling. You can dodge/block/recover from moves in smash bros including final smashes. It is strictly an offensive game. Catering to one fighting style limits playing variety.

MaxXAttaxX2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

Lol. Keep trying to belittle Battle Royale all you want. You obviously don't know the differences between juggles and smash attacks in SSB and chains in Battle Royale or other games.
The fact that some SSB characters are devoid of practically any combos and that not all moves work on every characters. That's called inconsistency. I've already explained the rest on my post above.

It's really not that hard to notice the difference between them if you've played other fighting games.
You're telling me that if they put Heihachi in SSB, he'll have some of the same combos from Tekken like he does on PS Battle Royale?
I don't think so.
So AGAIN, they're different play styles, mechanics and system overall. Get over it.

And when did I say SSB or other fighting games don't have block, dodge or recover? You make it sound as if I claimed that such things were only exclusive to Battle Royale.
I was saying that you CAN do the same thing on PS Battle Royale, to disprove what you said about it being strictly about offensive.

I'm pretty sure you can find a video out there where of people defending and dodging moves and super moves. Or you can read more about it and find out that there will be several other modes of play.

Try harder.

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Advent992740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

"It has alot more depth since you can do combos and all of the characters has alot of advanced options"

Listen, smash is one of the deepest fighting games out there, but it didn't start out that way. For a game to be deep players have to analyze each character and figure out both their strong points and their weak points. They will also discover hidden techniques if there are any. What I'm trying to say is smash didn't have the depth that is has today when it first came out and PSASBR won't either. You have to play the game for years to add depth to it.

Reverent2740d ago

One thing I learned with SSB Brawl... Get really good with Ike. Instant domination over everyone. Yeah, that's deep.

Advent992740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

In competitive play Ike doesn't even come close to instant domination. His moves are way to slow and they have too much lag, and his recovery is terrible.

MaxXAttaxX2739d ago

Overly defensive much? Calm down, no one's hating on SSB.

They don't even play the same way.

sonic9892739d ago

i like PS allstar more than SSB but that doesnt mean i should hate ssb no at all
its the best on its respective console while ps allstar is the best on its console
may all the stupid comparisons rest in peace so we can enjoy this game

TXIDarkAvenger2739d ago

Its too early to say this game is better than Super Smash Bros.

And to all the people who say SSB is just camping until the player gets to lets say 100% and knock them off the map obviously have never played competitively or have see competitive players play.

ChrisW2739d ago

Well... it's going to be better because it took everything that made made SSB popular and improved on it. Happens to many genres... but especially to fighting games.

Nimblest-Assassin2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

My biggest issue is the fact the characters and the environment don't gel as well as Smash

All the characters seem like they have been pulled from their individual games, unlike smash giving all of them one unified style

Also the presentation seems uneven..

Stages like Hades look great, but stages like Metropolis look meh

I'll probably get used to it after playing... but for now it doesn't seem visually appealing

I really hope they have about 20 stages

and extra modes, like MK9 and smash... as they really add longevity to a fighter

omarzy2739d ago

"You need to be offensive." "Second the game is not camper friendly" Which smash bros were you playing that did not have these? I can tell you right now that while this game will be good, the level of depth is not comparable by a long shot unless you just faced off with level 3 CPU characters in smash bros.

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NastyLeftHook02740d ago

both can compliment each other

AnotherProGamer2740d ago

can't both games just coexist in gaming without having to compete with each other?

also looking forward to Playstation All-Stars

Sgt_Slaughter2740d ago

YES!!! THIS!!! I will be playing both (possibly simultaneously XD)

AlaaAlii2740d ago

They can coexist, yes, but not without competing with each other. You will always find yourself, or anyone else, comparing the two. But to me, both games are just amazing for giving us such an experience!

JBSleek2740d ago

It doesn't need to outshine the game as both can live both in the gaming world. Why is it a competition.

Personally I think you can't beat that intensity of sudden death 300% damage in a close game.

PS All Stars will be a good game and one of the PS3 titles I'll be picking up but how do you even quantify that it surpasses Smash Brothers?

JBSleek2740d ago

Is the Sony fanbase on this site really that butthurt for no reason?

Grow up I have all three systems it isn't that serious. My username is the same as my PSN add me on Oct 25 and come lose if you want.

MySwordIsHeavenly2740d ago

In their defense, this was a 360 fanboy site up until a couple of years ago. ;) They have every right to be angry.

BitbyDeath2740d ago

Would have been better if they had included a 'gore' option. ^_^

Reverent2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

Idk... I don't wanna see character's like Nathan or Cole getting mutilated by Kratos. That would make me sad:(