The 20 hardest puzzles in Nintendo Games: The best 'gotcha' moments

Stuck. 10 minutes staring at the screen with a forehead like a cattlegrid, whispering "Comeoncomeoncomeoncomeon" to yourself. An hour backtracking to the start of the level - to the start of the game - for something you might've missed. Then, slowly but suddenly, like a Magic Eye picture coming into focus, the solution dawns.

That's your Eureka Moment - a tribute to the clever-clogs developer who magicked up the crafty, logical, satisfying puzzle that almost had your brain beat.

Here are CVG's 20 best 'gotcha' moments on Wii and DS:

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Tsalagi4383d ago

Ok, why did i get a virus for going to that site?

Chubear4383d ago

*Slowly backs away from website after reading above post*

ShadoWulf4383d ago

Pretty much all of these puzzles are easy! I mean, the first one... DEAD. All notes. There's a piano. Wow.

In fact, they left out the only challenging puzzle from LoZ TP... the block sliding. The rest of it was easy.

And Prime 3? Are they blind? It's quite obvious once a few bugs grab the morph ball that they are lighter than air. From there it's not that hard to figure out you're supposed to float up to the higher ledge.

All in all, a lame list.

M_Prime4382d ago

yeah.. i looked at the stuff from games i played and the newq super mario bros and Galaxy i figured that stuff after a quick look.. okay the waterfallls one took me a min until i jumped towards the wall.. i found it harder with the fountains in that level, just to be able to hope onto them LOL.

the hotel dusk one was clever, and ALL OF ZAK AND WIKI was clever LOL