PALGN Previews Grand Theft Auto IV

After the two solid but unimaginative PSP/PS2 GTA Stories releases, the questions had to be asked – did Rockstar still have what it took to stay ahead in terms of ideas and designs? Another concern was that all the PS2 (and PSP) games were built on a middleware engine foundation, and many were wondering exactly how Rockstar would go with the first major game in the series developed from scratch on their own in-house tech.

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Coke-a-Cola4382d ago (Edited 4382d ago )

This series is by far the most played in my collection . Something about speeding around a corner and an old lady flying over the bonnet really warms my Heart. Can't wait now for the New ONE.

Hydrollex4382d ago

WTF ? this preview is disappointing. It sound's like GTA's graphic is gonna suck so bad