Along Came an Indie: ParaParaParanoid

StickSkills says, "The 2D platformer is nothing new in the world of video games. It’s one of the oldest genres, and is one that’s experimented with quite often. One of the more recent examples of this experimentation is an interesting little thing called ParaParaParanoid. I wouldn’t exactly call ParaParaParanoid a good game. The controls are frustratingly floaty and it has the difficulty curve of a brick wall, but I still found myself having fun playing it. It was an entry from a South American team in the Global Game Jam earlier this year. For those who don’t know, a game jam is when teams of developers get together and see what they can make in 48 hours. It may not be the greatest game ever, but I think it succeeds at portraying a specific message, and it executes on a pretty interesting gameplay mechanic as well."

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