Look, I Have My Own Bucket! | Uncharted 2: Among

Imagine you are sitting in a train. Now, imagine you have a bullet lodged in your gut, and you’re bleeding like crazy. It doesn’t stop there. Now the train you are one is hanging over a cliff. Now, since the situation is not dangerous enough, you are thrown out of the train, and you must climb up it to safety. That is exactly what happens to Nathan Drake when you start Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

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LostDjinn2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

I'd like to personally thank bagogames for their timely review. You guys really helped me out with this one.

Can you do me a solid and review Folklore next?

*shakes head*

Edit: *shakes head again*

mightyles2305d ago

They might be a little bit late but they get my approval for parodying the old spice adverts.

Jourdy2882305d ago

Ooooh, maybe they'll do Akalabeth!

Nelson M2305d ago

Looking forward to your review of donkey kong

WeskerChildReborned2305d ago

Never tried Uncharted 2 but maybe it's time to try it.

NastyLeftHook02305d ago

what!!!! ( . ) ( . ) omg you need to play this right now!

WeskerChildReborned2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

Yea, i kinda missed out on it since i didn't buy a PS3 in time.

Edit: Lol v.v

Chitown712912305d ago

For a minute Tenton, I thought those were titties.......but they're not........theyre eyes..........I know this now..........*walks off into the distance*

Treian2305d ago

You are missing out on the time of your life

ginsunuva2305d ago

TRY it? This is the first game on your list that you should be buying immediately. There's no game this gen other than mgs4 better than this!
I hope you're joking

WeskerChildReborned2305d ago

Well i didn't miss out on MGS4 at least. It's my favorite PS3 game.

redDevil872305d ago

*Grabs pitchfork and chases wesker*

NastyLeftHook02305d ago

A perfect score, For a perfect game.

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