BioGamerGirl: Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Review

BioGamerGirl: Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, like its predecessor before it, is essentially a mech simulator unlike any other game you'll find on a home console. Rather than using a special controller designed specifically for the one game however, Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor combines the flexibility of Xbox 360 Kinect with the casual controls of your Xbox 360 controller to create a game that, while both unique and immersive, clearly isn't for everyone. Still if you're a fan of the Steel Battalion series or just looking for a realistic game that makes good use of your Xbox 360 Kinect, Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor may be for you.

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BanditGamer3139d ago

Lol!! Is this a troll review?

Shadonic3139d ago

Idk the highest score before this was a 7 and while the reviewers complained about the game and there playspace epidemic messing up the controlled maybe this reviewer had enough space and considering the date in which this was released probably took there time learning it. I hope it's not a troll because it works for me on the demo and that's pretty good.

mcstorm3138d ago

I agree with you and it also works for me and I have the game. I have only ever had a problem with it once but this was because I forgot to move Kinect after playing forza but once I moved the device it all started working again. For me I cant get enough of this game and I find it just as hard and as fun about the 1st 2. Its not everyone's game but I think they have done a very good job getting the game to working with Kinect.

The only thing I wish they had done was add voice commands to say at the gunners ect but apart form that I would give this game 8 or 9 out of 10 but that's just my view.

Shadonic3138d ago

Hmm seems people just want this thing to fail even if it did work for people and said people found out hell even the reviewers found out why it wasent working seeing as its a simple solution of moving the kinect and playing it in a good sized room sad when a game gets thrashed because people cant even fallow the guidelines to play it properly.

Blastoise3138d ago

Surely this is an error, sure it wasnt a 9/100?

...the game barely works...

StrongMan3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

The Metacritic average is a whopping 39 and this amateur reviewer gave it a 9/10? Also, it only sold a measly 20k copies. With the lowest sales and reviews of any game I've ever seen in my life Steel Battalion is dead thanks to the "magic of Kinect".

Shadonic3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

(See video below)
before you start bashing it notice how it worked perfectly for reviewers who previewed it at the events and how they always mention the space in kotakus rant about it. How is it bad because there's some people with enough space for the game to work properly or just some people who will move there furniture out of the way to find the best place to play it. I do agree with the sane gamers who actually have a real reason thats not the it uses kinect defense", The device does need to improve on its spacing issues seeing as a good 90% of the professional reviewers and gamers dont have enough space for it to function at its top capabilities. This still dosent mean that the device is trash it does work and the things most gamers want in a kinect game have already been done mostly by hackers or modders for PC but the gamers themselves shy away from its positives because they just jump on the huge bandwagon of hate for the device without actually looking at all the good stuff it can do with and without gaming. One thing i want to know is if the reviewers used a nyko zoom when they reviewed seeing as it decreases the space needed seeing as that's the biggest problem.

ChunkyLover533138d ago

You mean to say it sold worse then Sorcery? I find that hard to believe!

AusRogo3138d ago

Lol! To each their own I guess?

catch3138d ago

After a quick check of the "Biogamergirl" profile it appears as though this is the LOWEST score they've given on a review submitted to N4G.

I'll let that sink in for a moment.

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