XboxAddict: Dragon's Dogma Review

XboxAddict: Capcom sure had some high ambitions when they started developing Dragon’s Dogma. It seems like they took inspiration from numerous games, bundled them together, and then added their own flare on top of it. Getting familiar feelings of Shadow of the Colossus, Monster Hunter, and Dark Souls while playing Dragon’s Dogma is completely normal and probably intended in some way. While the game may have striking similarities to these certain games and other open world role playing games, Capcom has crafted a unique and entertaining experience, though at times flawed.

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Lord_Sloth2743d ago

I'm curious as to why you gave Lollipop Chainsaw the exact same score as Dragon's Dogma...That just doesn't seem right.

WeskerChildReborned2742d ago

I heard Dragon's Dogma was a good game and i liked the demo so idk.

joab7772742d ago

While I respect opinions, IMO this is way off. I liked Akron, but while the bugs and glitched r mentioned, they never affect the final score. It is a solid 8.5 & if u like rpgs, u may not have a better time this year. Yeah, the story is a little weak until later but who cares. The combat is awesome and u have 9 different vocations with different skills and augments and u can switch between to create ur own dominant arisen. The pawn system is simply brilliant. It makes ur main pawn more important than than arisen as u will want to do anything u can to stand out to get rented. There are tons of quests. And Yes, fast travel comes later, but u will not hatethe fact that u r forced into traveling. It allows u to gather items, and to level up. The cap is 200, not 30 or 50. And eventually, Yes, u can fast travel. But I am so glad that I wasn't able to at first. Every quest is an actual adventure. U will strategies ur journeys before setting out. And day/night cycles are not just light/dark. Enemies are more difficult. The particle effects are gorgeous and no, it doesn't look like a Wii game. Graphics never bothered me once. There are many huge creatures that are a ton of fun to fight. Now, the best part. Endgame content. Towards the end, instead of beginning a ng+, u can fight tough monsters to get great loot. Then u can trade with others to get what u want. The community is awesome and very helpful and giving. And to top it off, there is an online monster that many gamers tackle together. The ps3 version is at generation 100 right now..or very close. Trust me, many reviews, maybe because of the lack of actual time playing, don't give points for the heart and soul of this game. Yes, there are some minor bugs and glitches, but nothing like I encountered in skyrim.