Next Gen Preview - Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Pixelux Entertainment's Digital Molecular Matter imbues any object in the game with the real-world properties of that object, so glass will shatter, metal will warp, and plants will bend according to the specific force and direction of your actions rather than responding to stimuli with a fixed animation. Examples of this are the steel shutters that block progress through a TIE fighter factory – these can be wrenched open with a Force blast, but importantly each one slowly peels open and eventually gives way in a different manner to its predecessor, dependent on the apprentice's distance and angle from it.

Of even more potential, however, is NaturalMotion's Euphoria engine, a slice of sophisticated behavioral middleware that simulates decision-making in your enemies. Holding an enemy in the air with a Force grab may make him clutch at a nearby railing or one of his comrades – in which case his friend will attempt to pull him down; if you lift both higher a third may get involved, or the second one may decide to cut his losses and let go before you lift them both too high.

The presence of TIE fighters and Stormtroopers delights the inner child as much as ever, and there's some welcome fleshing out of races and planets that have never been anything other than hinted at, as well as familiar locales such as the Wookie homeworld of Kasshyyyk.

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Not the Face4376d ago

but it aint no smash brothers!!! try and disagree with that!!

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can't wait to see the finished product. i hope the story line is really compelling