XboxAddict: Disney Pixar Brave: The Video Game Review

XboxAddict: Like any gamer in the know, whenever a licensed movie game shows up that you need to play, you can usually assume that you’re not going to have the best time playing it; usually. When Brave, based on the new Disney Pixar movie, arrived to review, I do what I usually do when I have to play a licensed game: Sit down with my drink of choice (the worse the game the stiffer the drink), take a big gulp and simply accept that I’m probably not going to have much fun for the next few hours. I’m glad to report that Behaviour Interactive (known for Doritos Crash Course, Naughty Bear, and WET among others) has somehow found the magic formula to not only make a game that was entertaining as fun as the movie was, but also might slightly restore some of my faith in the licensed movie game genre.

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