Yoshida on lack of “mega-blockbuster” Sony titles this year, family-friendly strategy

Sony's Shuhei Yoshida comments on the lack of “mega-blockbuster” for the PlayStation 3 this year and discusses the company's approach to family-friendly titles for the holiday.

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Psycho_PS3Truthh3144d ago

The PS3 is a console for all ages, unlike some console who believe that it should be exclusively to kids. Leave it to the masters at sony to deliver what is great for kids and adults. The launch lineup of the wiiu cannot compare to these family games on the earth.

AO1JMM3144d ago

You console fan-boys crack me up. Thanks I needed the laugh.

Abash3144d ago

PlayStation All-Stars will be a multi-million seller

PoSTedUP3144d ago

get competitive with nintendo this holiday season for the WiiU release and possibly steal a tad bit of the audience. now to drop the price or not is the question. if they can afford to it's hard to tell whether its a good idea or not considering wiiU will be getting most of the spot light regardless. sony just wants to poke their head in a little bit again to test the waters n see where they stand as far as their audience for casual family friendly games.

i say drop the price if they can afford it that way it boosts sales through two holidays b4 the ps4 releases(assuming it will be launched next year) squeezing out some of the last ps3 consumers b4 ppl start thinking about the ps4. because i think dropping the price at the same time as the ps4 might hurt the sales a good amount bc there might be a significant amount of time and money still to be made in this generation. and if they wait till after the ps4 drops-- the wiiU would have been out for 2 years with a possible price drop at that time and that will play a huge part in the consumers choice that following holiday knowing its slightly better than a ps3.

ElitaStorm3144d ago

@Abash iam going to buy PlayStation All-Stars for sure

cant wait to play with my little brother

t0mmyb0y3143d ago

Unless you are a kid, grow up buddy.

Gazondaily3143d ago

Look at the agrees for this guy!!! And the diagrees for the guy below!!

Haha please, surely now no one can be deluded enough to argue against the fact that the N4G comment section is run by rabid Sony fanboys.

insomnium23143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )




Great job! Agreed and bubbles up. This is comedy at it's finest. "on earth" lol hilarious. You really hit a homerun with septic. Talk about line, hook and sinker!

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xursz3144d ago

Hey man even though you're an obvious fanboy at least you stick to Sony articles and keep trash talking to a minimum. Must be a full time job for those who seek out articles to talk cr*p in and still manage to be fanboys elsewhere.

Lucretia3144d ago

Lol Abash. Im lookin forward to the game and the only way thats possible is if cloud strife is in it

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AngelicIceDiamond3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

PlayStation All Stars and Sly is what Sony has this year. Its all good cuzz MS has Forza and Halo. It does sound funny hearing Sony say "Family Friendly" though. Either way it should be a great gaming season. LOU, B2S and GoW will be mega tons next year.

BTW Sony mentioned they're relying on 3rd party sales to. I hope this doesn't make Sony the enemy for something MS has been doing for a while.

Biggest3143d ago

Sony isn't relying on third party. The amount of first party titles released and in the pipeline say they are relying on games. Period.

cfountain3144d ago

im buying both Sly Cooper:Thieves in Time and All-Stars Battle Royale. Im going to wait for a price drop on LBP Karting before I buy.

Next year is packed with PS3 exclusives alone.

remanutd553144d ago

where the heck is The Last Guardian sony, i hope i play the game before PS4 comes out oh and i'm dying to play Sorcery but i want the digital version ( which im not getting at $39.99) hopefully it comes to ps+ soon

Patriots_Pride3144d ago

I would not recommend Sorcery unless you have kids.

Was one of my most anticipated games since the launch of Move but was left very unimpressed. Epic Micky was more interesting and fun.

The thing that turned me off with Sorcery was that it felt like it did not not who it wanted to target and it also felt like a test demo for Move.

But I still enjoyed playing with my kids.

remanutd553144d ago

i have tried the one hour playstation plus trial and i loved it, i was in the middle of the first boss( i cant remember her name) when my time expired but i thought it was very good and fun

Afterlife3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

Don't quote me on this. I think Team ICO was a small team of 35 people. Maybe more now.

Sounds crazy for a AAA game.

remanutd553144d ago

well they have created 2 of my all time greats so i expect no less from them this generation, Shadow of the Colossus ranks among my 3 best games from all time so yea The Last Guardian is my most anticipated title this generation.

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