When will games be as mainstream as The Dark Knight Rises?

Christopher Nolan's Batman epic is a reminder of how far games have to go before they're a mainstream cultural phenomenon.

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Jio2645d ago

As soon as the kids who grew up playing video games become adults and the ignorant people who bash video games are forced to see the medium they hate grow and mature.

WeskerChildReborned2645d ago

Aha true, hell i might be gaming till i'm in my 60s.

guitarded772645d ago

I think we're starting to see it now... I'm in my mid-30's and gamers my age have really seen the medium grow into more than just a simple child's toy or distraction. Love it or hate it, franchises like CoD have really reached the mainstream level of movies/music where people who don't even game, know the franchise.

I love gaming, and I've seen the ebbs and flows of popularity in gaming. Sometimes it's very popular, and other times it's just a geek thing. The difference now is that more adults game now, and it's more socially accepted by all classes, races and genders. The biggest problem gaming has are the elitists within the community that keep the overall community fractured.

The quality of games and storytelling has come a long way, and with a more inclusive environment, and time, the gravity of games as a medium will grow. My 2 cents.

DeadlyFire2645d ago

Why stop there? by the time your 60 you will be able to live inside of video games like being inside the Matrix.

EVILDEAD3602645d ago

Don't know about the rest of the world (as this is anUK article) but in the US..Call of Duty is as mainstream as it gets and it has been that way since MW2..

Halo is pretty mainstream as far as awareness & popularity, but as far as this gen COD with its huge fanbase from all platfroms and yearly games from Infinity and Treyarch..nothing touches COD.


jeseth2645d ago

Considering the 2 largest first day openings ever are now video games releases .... I'd say games are plenty mainstream ... have been since the early 90's.

What person doesn't know Mario? Halo?

Games have been mainstream since before this author was probably born!

Disccordia2645d ago

Largest first day in terms of revenue yes but then a video game is four times more expensive than a ticket to see the latest movie.

bakasora2645d ago

It has already been mainstreamed. Look at COD.

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Genecalypse2645d ago

or you know grow old and die lol

farhad2k82645d ago

Well, when CoD comes out, literally my whole city goes berserk. People play RIDICULOUS amounts of money for it if it gets out of stock on the first day, which 9/10 times has happened before.
So I would say CoD is pretty mainstream, not AS mainstream as some movies, but it's getting there.

Them_Bones2645d ago

With articles like that in the hottest news section it's hard to believe they ever will, it would be awesome if I were wrong though.
I'd say quantic dream are still the closest developer to reaching public mainstream.

DigitalRaptor2645d ago (Edited 2645d ago )

Nah, their games are still shockingly niche though. In terms of actual mainstream popularity, no game QD ever make will have an impact on the general public. Sad.

I don't get where this article is coming from though. Call of Duty is like the most mainstream game of all time. Another sad fact, but even mothers know what Call of Duty is because it's always advertised and their kids go on about it. Nintendo made games ridiculously mainstream this gen with Wii and DS. There are several more examples.

The movie industry has had many decades to mature. Video games are still very much in their infancy and primarily aimed at young people. Sadly, games that try to mature the industry such as Heavy Rain and Beyond are ignored or go unnoticed and thus get the industry nowhere towards the sort of recognition that movies do. We need a lot more effort and time for it to happen, but as generations of people who call themselves gamers grow up, it will be more natural for people to play games. It's definitely a generational thing. I want there to be more diversity in the industry, and just like there are fun films, serious films, art films and mature films, I want to see the same categories being explored in gaming, as long as it's not gimmicky and elevates the medium.

I don't have confidence that the industry will grow and mature with many kids today being shooter/action fans and not much else, and they don't appreciate the legacy games that the gaming kids of yesteryear grew up playing.

TheOneWhoKnocks2645d ago

they are the complete opposite of mainstream, and thats what makes them so refreshing

user54670072645d ago (Edited 2645d ago )

Do we really want games going more mainstream

The amount of people that I know who have went to see the Dark Knight Rises who...

A) Havent seen Batman Begins or the Dark Knight


B) Have never had an interest in Nolans Batman films

...has been unreal.

I suppose hype can make you do anything.

Same thing happens with games in a small way, how many people have a friend or know someone whos not really interested in gaming but have bought a sequel to a franchise which has become bigger then it's previous title yet has never played on any of the games in that franchise....just buying the game because everyone is talking about it.

Nimblest-Assassin2645d ago

Same with avengers... a good majority of the people who saw it have very little understanding of superhero's

user54670072645d ago (Edited 2645d ago )

Agreed...the list goes on. Theres so many things over the recent years you can use as an example, films or video games

I think it has to do with the Wii making making games more mainstream back when it released in 2006. Now it's hard to actually find someone who is really interested in games, people assume that if you play on the big block busters games, own a console, go on a few games to kill time...then your automaticaly a gamer even though theres more to it.

I know people who go out every night to town, get drunk, have a hangover, go out the next night, have work full time or college aswell basicaly have no time for games. Yet say they're a gamer when you know someone like them can't be.

It's just that you grow up with a passion for something, which was often criticized back in the 80s, 90s for being geekish and now everyone wants a piece because it's mainstream and popualr...thinking they are up to your standards.

It could happen with anything really...

What if you studied Law/pollictics and someone just went on about a load of crap they saw in the newspapers or TV. Does that make them an expert in those fields like you.

What if you were a Media Studies student and people went on about films (big blockbusters like Dark Knight) and yet hadn't seen any classic films like Ghost Busters, Back to the Future, Big trouble in little China. Does that mean they are "Film Experts" like you

Or even if you were an art student and someone just put together a random painting and called it art. Does that mean they are an art student like you....

I know you shouldn't be bothered about this type of thing, some people I bet probably arn't fussed about it but I am because when you actually have a passion for something which was never as popular as it was, just for it to be mainstreamed into whats happened over this gen where now anyone can be a "Gamer" like yourself despite not really giving a would be a little p*ssed off.

CarlosX3602645d ago

...Or any one of Marvel's characters.

This is the same reason why Marvel Vs Capcom was a genius marketing move by both companies.

dericb112645d ago

Its really sad too. I have to wait a few weeks to see because all those talkers, kids and just have to follow the hype movie watchers are going. Waiting 2 to 3 weeks to enjoy a movie is silly but I want to see all my $10+ worth lol.

Pintheshadows2645d ago

I always wait anyway as it's pleasant to watch a film in a nice quiet cinema where people aren't talking or rustling food.

The only film i've been to see on opening day was Star Trek Nemesis. There were 3 people including me and my friend. I'm man enough to admit that I cried when Data sacrificed himself.

It still upsets me now. Why couldn't it have been Wesley Crusher.

Nimblest-Assassin2645d ago

Also, if the thing is talked about alot, then people become interested... avengers and TDKR were the 2 most hyped up films of this year

Its also why movies that win the oscars, and games that win GOTY, books that get oprahs seal of approval suddenly become so popular

Everyone wants to see what its about, even though there is a chance, they wont like it

Pintheshadows2645d ago

I want to say first of that I like all 3 of the Nolan Batman films.

What bothers me is the people that say Nolan made Batman dark or realistic. These people call themselves 'huge Batman fans' but clearly they've never heard of Year One or seen the animated movie of the same name (which is still the best Batman film imo).

I mean Frank Miller created this arc in 1987 so it isn't like what Nolan has done is singlehandedly reinvented Batman as some would have you believe.

matgrowcott2645d ago (Edited 2645d ago )

There you go, that's part of the problem.

Who cares whether people aren't into it as much as you? Who cares if they're buying into games (or going to see films) that they don't fully understand? Sure, it's annoying to hear some kid going off like an expert when they have no real understanding or context for what they've seen, but it doesn't actually negatively impact on your life.

The opposite, in fact, because their money and their word-of-mouth advertising of said product will increase sales and give developers a basis on which to build their franchises further.

Complaining about it just alienates people and gives the impression that we're a community of elitist idiots.

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UnitSmiley2645d ago (Edited 2645d ago )

What is this article talking about? Gaming IS already mainstream. Why do you think casual games and CoD sell so well? Because those games just ooooze quality? No. Because the casual games sell with parents/families and CoD is the "cool" thing right now so most of the people who play it don't even play other games. Then that results in more companies trying to copy CoD (and ruining already existing franchises in the process) and we end up with generic shooter clone 28492870294.

In fact, i'd argue that gaming becoming mainstream has actually hurt the industry more than anything.

TopDudeMan2645d ago

But some people might start with call of duty, then hear one of their friends talking about this other game, say uncharted or something, so they try that out and love it.

Then their horizons get broader and broader until they're not content to just play call of duty and before they know it, they're a hardcore gamer. That's why I think these "cool" games are good for the industry. It helps people discover an interest for video games. I personally have around 3 friends who this has happened to and I've played with them on call of duty and suggested other games they might like and they got hooked. That's it.

We should be glad of all the attention games like call of duty are getting. It gives people a good entry point, because all their friends are playing it and they can pick up the basic skills that all games use pretty quickly. A lot of games out there wouldn't sell half as well if not for call of duty bringing more potential consumers. They might buy a console specifically to play call of duty or whatever, but that doesn't mean they can't be persuaded to play anything else.

UnitSmiley2645d ago

I respect your opinion, and i'm glad that those 3 friends of yours are now more into gaming. But In my opinion gaming being mainstream causes more harm than good.

Literally two days ago I had to argue with someone who said "Nobody even plays "sword games" anymore, only noobs. Everyone plays shooter games now" (He literally called rpgs sword games and the rpg fans noobs). The sad part is he thought he was a real gamer and that he was correct. :/ At that point it becomes incredibly difficult to correct someone in a polite manner without sounding like an elitist prick.

TopDudeMan2645d ago

Haha, "sword games"! That's comedy gold right there. But there's always gonna be people like that.

UnitSmiley2645d ago (Edited 2645d ago )

Yeah I suppose. I guess as long as their are always those that admire gaming as a hobby and aren't so easily swayed by popular opinion, things will more or less be alright. :p

Young_ART2645d ago

I agree with you 100% about CoD's success ruining existing franchises. I played Socom ever since the ps2 days, and now the series has been ruined because they tried to appeal to the casuals.

You used to be able to go in a gaming section or store, and see a large variety of games. now? its all shooters. you might see a few rpg's but its still all modern day, or futuristic shooters. i hate it...

NastyLeftHook02645d ago

people don't all grow up the same, some are more attached to games then others, and some cant live without them, it just so happens movies tend to be more mainstream because of its culture dating back in the early 1900's

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