Top 5 Pictures Of Satoru Iwata Holding A Wii U

Holding things is fun. Some things are more fun to hold than others. Holding a Wii U is more fun than holding a banana, for example. Here are 5 mind-blowing pictures of Satoru Iwata holding a Wii U. Just look at how much fun he's having.

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WeskerChildReborned2735d ago

Wow an article of pictures of a dude holding a system?

live2play2734d ago

dont think too much about it

its meant as a joke toward all the useless articles you see here, especially the ones coming from gamesradar

WeskerChildReborned2734d ago

Ik, their was one about the Wii U being a failure which was funny cause all the points made no sense.

live2play2734d ago

what was truly funny (or sad) is that alot of those things are said/believed by trolls here

CommonCent2734d ago

The sad thing is I bet some kids got their first boners to them.

nintendojunkie282734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

This is truly a strange submission.

Funny though,as I'm sure it was meant to be.