Is Playstation Vita A Slowly Sinking Ship?

Sony has a history of shaky launches and strange marketing, but the Vita is really beginning to baffle myself and many others.

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Marcus Fenix2738d ago

what's with the console X gonna diez, everything is dying 2 those ppl

NotSoSilentBob2738d ago

Anything to get people visiting their website. Back in 06-08 PS3 dying articles were 50-60 submissions a day. If people aren't visiting a website that website isn't making the owners money.

mdprime2738d ago

... Or perhaps the author just had an observation about the state of the console and decided to write about it?

FriedGoat2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

Or maybe the author doesn't own the console and is a complete nincompoop. Vita is my favourite handheld since the original DS. The first 4 months have been brilliant for vita games (much better than the first 4 for the 3DS I might add) and i'm very happy. Lots of PSN games to download of which I currently have loads. aswell as 10+ retail games. The only problem with the Vita I see, Is choosing which game to play!

zeeshan2737d ago

There is NO DOUBT in my mind that Vita is doing less than impressive in the market and the sales are not what we all expected but I hope, wish and actually I am sure of it that when they drop the price on VITA and more importantly release some awesome new original Vita titles, it will see a boost in sales.

The handheld console is AWESOME in quality and it's a shame to see not do as well as 3DS which mind you started meeting Nintendo expectations only when they dropped the price and started releasing 3DS games.

mewhy322737d ago

I don't see the Vita as 'Dieing". I think that it'll be like the PSP just a slow steady growth. It'll be fine as long as it gets suppor from third party developers and love from Sony.

bobshi2737d ago

@FriedGoat, agreed for the use of 'nincompoop'.

joeorc2737d ago

"Or perhaps the author just had an observation about the state of the console and decided to write about it?"

yea Sony is so doing this:

"but ignoring your customers won’t last for much longer. It’s a gorgeous system, and I’m dying for something to do on it."

ignoring your customers?

really Sony is ignoring their customer's?

with all the software support for a freaking system that just launched?

less than 6 months Total on the market and yet has over 40 + Games already made for the system, not including the backcatalog. not including the non gaming functionality that frankly people was harking on ..and on about for [email protected] near since the system was even released, hell even before and still are harking on and on, why don't my PSVita's Web browser support HTML5 where is the support.

God give them some freaking time people!
they have only so many people they can have working on such products at a time. IS it like they are not working on the problem right?

I would ask the people on the forums

How the hell would you know their not working on it?

this has been the same [email protected] thing over and over, this is mainly about the price..and for that i say at least Sony was not charging $250.00 for their system that had only 6 MB of VRram for their new hand held game system. but yet Sony put's out a game console handheld with 128 MB of dedicated VRram for they system and yet you get these kinda negative talking point's:

"These all add up to a minimum of about $300 before games. Even before the price drop, you could grab a 3DS, a game, and a cheap case for the same price."

the Nintendo 3DS is a great system, no doubt about it being a fantastic game hand held system.

but for the love of god people the PSVita is not a [email protected] Nintendo hand held. They are not the same type of gaming Handheld. when people get that through their thick skull they would be better off. you would not think:

lincoln town car dealer is going to drop the [email protected] price of the system. to that of a compact or subcompact, but yet all you hear about over and over is "Sony need's to drop the Price"

the Memory cards, are priced the way they are because the [email protected] hacker's killed the software support for the first PSP.

but..but..Nintendo's System software Games get pirated all the time, and it does not effect Nintendo that much..

Well here is a big Hint Sony is not Nintendo!

Sony's software may not sell in the multiple millions on every freaking 1st party game they make . but it would be nice for Sony and 3rd party to make something on the software that they do make.

many still may say than Sony's software sucks, that maybe true to some people but you do not have to be #1 in selling software to be a success.

Sony giving out free software, updating the systems for extra functionality after you purchase the system, and keep support for the system even if their not number one on the market.

= ignoring their customers?


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WeskerChildReborned2737d ago

Consoles can't techinically die so idk what they mean lol. PS Vita just needs more of a great lineup like maybe an Infamous or Killzone game. Would be cool if Last of Us came on Vita.

deletingthis346753342737d ago

Or make more new IPs. Only so much franchise milking and mediocre spinoffs a person can stomach.

WeskerChildReborned2737d ago

@SegaKnuckles, New IPs and some spin offs i wouldn't mind at all.

Unexpecta2737d ago

Yeah it's quite a shame articles like these get the spotlight. What makes you more angry is if you actually own the device and you know it's capabilities. I mean the PSVita is a beast, simply as that. It's just a matter of time until we see some unreal games like AC: Liberation and that's when everything changes. People will realize that this console isn't here to float, but to fly.

dcbronco2737d ago

Sony didn't put it on the market so they could brag about it's power. They wanted it to sell well. It hasn't. So that is a problem.

GuyThatPlaysGames2737d ago

It sure is a sinking ship. Just like its predecessor, the PSP. Sure after several redesigns or "improvements" it seemed like it would be promising, but no. EVERYONE sell your VITAs now while you still can!!

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GuruStarr782738d ago

While it's totally uncceptable that this month (july) is completely void of new releases for the Vita, I'm sure it'll pick up as soon as AC liberation and call of duty launch..

GribbleGrunger2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

When the Vita picks up in sales these articles will move onto '3DS still outselling Vita' and even if the Vita starts outselling the 3DS, they'll move onto 'Vita will never catch the 3DS'. It will go on and on just like it did with the PSP, which now sits at 75 million (a failure based purely on the fact that it didn't outsell the DS)

We had the same with the PS3. 8 million behind (it won't catch up), 5 million behind (it won't catch up) 3 million behind (it won't catch up) 2 million behind (well most people have a 360, it was bound to stop selling) When it eventually overtakes (We have a new generation now, who cares about the last)

DigitalRaptor2738d ago

You speak words of wisdom. Shame most people are more concerned about that which really doesn't matter or isn't even relevant.

rhcpfan2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )


The PSP was considered a failure in terms of its software sales and piracy, not hardware sales.

GribbleGrunger2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

That may be the convenient interpretation at this present time, but it wasn't what the articles were saying back then. It's always easy to make sense of something in retrospect because you have many many more articles and opinions to draw from, but when you're in the thick of it, the truth is seldom obscured.

That's not to say that software wasn't an issue though... and by that I mean how easy it was to pirate it. In fact, the software came regularly until the 2 year lull in 2009 - 2010. Sony themselves admitted it was drying up and actively pursued support, and largely succeeded. I often wonder what Sony told them because piracy was STILL an issue. I think the Vita is our answer and (to me at least) it is a certainty that Sony told them that when the Vita releases those games would get a second chance, and of course when PS Suite releases, other devices would also get access to their libraries

That hasn't happened yet but we know that it will. I also think that's why the PSP is still getting hefty support

StreetsofRage2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

According to Sony's last fiscal report, Sony is behind 3.3 million. It's been pretty much around the 3 million mark for awhile now.

So if you look at all the facts on what happen this gen, all those early articles about the ps3 failing were absolutely correct. The gen is almost over and the ps3 is in the last place. Huge loss of market share = Fail. Just like those articles stated.

GribbleGrunger2737d ago

LOL!!!! I refer you to my initial comment. Priceless!!!

StreetsofRage2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

Like I said, the gap is pretty much stagnant now. Actually the 360 grew it's lead from 2.9 to 3.3 million according to Sony's reports. I can't believe you kids still believe it's going to catch up.

And how stupid is your final comment. Microsoft and Nintendo are scoring points in the next season, while your team is still stuck last season? You telling me the mighty ps3 is only going to catch up because everybody else is full steam on a new console?

And for fun, let's just say it did... do you really think that would be a success for Sony? After all the financial troubles and loss of market share, you really think the ps3 is a success?

LOL at the mind of a sony fanboy. Such a confused bunch. All those early articles about the doom of the ps3 was correct. Just deal with it.

Dakidog2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

@Streets of rage

You ask how stupid some ones comment was and not notice how stupid yours is?

"Scoring in the next season" Sony has always been known to sell their previous generation console while in next, is this not true? So that comment is pointless, I'm sure everyone will be scoring in the next gen, even if PS3 did over take the 360 next gen it'd only show Sony's ability to push multiple consoles successfully.

Financial only Sony had that? The RROD fiasco didn't cost MS a penny and didn't make the 360 failure?

Market share really? you're stretching it there and showing how biased you really are. PS2 was a miracle console, right time, great marketing, best software library, right features, after selling more than 150 million units worldwide(i doubt we see that again anytime soon)...did anyone expect them to do that again. Based on what you think about market share the Nintendo DS failed as well lol!

iiiDystopia2737d ago


Ouch, and it's so true! PS3 is not a success, whatsoever.

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mrbojingles2738d ago

Slowly sinking? I think that's a discredit to how fast it has been managing to drown itself! I kid, I kid.

It should recover with time. Slow start but I just can't see it failing like everyone thinks though I can't see it being as successful as PSP either.

UnitSmiley2738d ago

Well, even the PS3 had a crappy launch and it's managed to become the best console this gen (imo). Give it some time, it'll find it's way to success.

xursz2738d ago

Wii is the best selling console this gen but PS3 has sold faster than Xbox 360 though.

god_o_war2737d ago

best console =/= best selling console
best selling software =/= best software

SandWitch2738d ago

Just like every new console

But somehow sinking consoles comes to the top eventually. Maybe Hall of Fame is under the water?

Axecution2738d ago

That's deep

<pun intended>

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