The Playstation 3 Tokyo Game Show Wrap - Up

Even though the Tokyo Game Show covers games for all consoles (Wii was not playable to the press or public), every year it seems like it's Sony's show, and other companies just happen to show up. Sure Microsoft has their fair share of titles here, but Japan isn't really interested in anything outside of Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey. This show is all about the debut of the PlayStation 3 in Japan. GameInformer got their hands-on almost every playable PS3 demo on the show floor to get your mouth watering for the upcoming launch.

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HiSpeedSoldier615843d ago

Where are all of the X idiots slamming the PS3 and nit picking at every screen shot of every PS3 title? Even though secretly inside they wish they were coming to xbox 360.

what happened?, all their parents have them all in time out?

They all have to be in bed by 9:00?

DJ5843d ago (Edited 5843d ago )

looks damn near identical to the look of the CG trailer. I think all it really needs now is a speed and destruction boost. The slow motion segments need to get taken out. Maybe it's just me, but I prefer fast, hardcore destruction that just comes out of nowhere. Slow motion got kind of old after the Matrix films, and even Burnout only does it in minute increments. The visuals are definitely coming together though, and the environments have the most naturalistic lighting I've ever seen in a game. I showed my college buddies the Motorstorm and F1 gameplay trailers and they thought it was fake at first. Just CG. Thank god for HUDs.