How Powerful Is The Wii U, You Ask? Here’s Your Possible Answer.

"Now, with all the current skeptical speculation encircling the Wii U’s potentials and technical capabilities right now, a lot of gamers are asking one key question that may seal the awaited fate of the Wii U as a real eighth-gen introductory console – how powerful exactly is the Wii U, much more so than the non-Nintendo current-gen platforms? Personally, I don’t see why people are using the PS3 and Xbox 360 as comparison points-of-view for the power the Wii U will be able to provide – it’s an individual eighth-gen platform, and there are uncountable features that show the console is not just another catch-up-to-the-game console..."

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ape0072738d ago

my ape sense is feeling that the WIIU is going to be a bit more powerful than current gen consoles

Hisiru2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

My bone sense is feeling that you don't know what "Power7" means. WiiU is confirmed to have a Power7 CPU (which will have a much more powerful architeture even with lower clockspeeds). GPU started to be developed in 2010, which means it has modern architeture with some DX11 features.

Rumors are saying it has 2GBs of ram (500MB locked for the OS at launch) against 512MB on the x360.

Do you really think it will be "a bit more powerful"?

I am sure it won't even touch PS4/x720's graphics capabilities, but the WiiU will probably be more powerful than people expect. Don't expect it to be on par with PS4/x720, but it's obviously a more capable machine than current gen tech.

wishingW3L2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

Wii U CPU has been confirmed to be a tri-core with dual threads while Power 7 has 4 threads on each core... So basically the Wii U shares the exact same CPU as the Xbox 360 which is way weaker than the PS3's CPU.

ape0072737d ago

thx for clarifying things for me

ABizzel12737d ago

My response is that the Wii U should by all means be more powerful than the PS360.

Although we don't know the specs. of the Wii U, it's safe to say that in a 6 year time span hardware equivalent to that of the PS360 are now below entry level gaming rig prices, as well as, less powerful.

Even if the Wii-U uses tech from 2010 (as rumored) it should still be more powerful than PS360. The weakest Power 7 CPU, a 4000/ 5000 / 6670 / GPU, and 1GB of RAM are anywhere between 3x - 5x above the PS360. While we don't know the specs. of the Wii U, these are realistic and low expectations for the console.

The problem with the games so far is that you'd expect the games to automatically look great seeing how, they're being developed on already established PC hardware. Honestly that's a good complaint, and the best response I could come up with is that developers haven't had enough time to really work with the Wii-U. But compare a Xbox 360 or PS3 launch title to the best looking PS2 and Xbox games. Not the huge difference you'd expect is there. Now compare PS360 launch titles to any of the Wii-U's launch titles, and you can clearly see the Wii-U is ahead of anything being produced at that time, and the current Wii-U games are nearly on par with PS360. In 2014 the Wii-U will show what it's truly capable of.

mewhy322737d ago

Well the Wii U GPU will be much like the Xbox 360's GPU, which is way more powerful than the PS3's GPU, and the CPU is rumored to be similar to the part in the Xbox 360 as well. I was hoping for more cores in the CPU but then Nintendo is all about the profit. It really comes down to cost of manufacturing.

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LostDjinn2737d ago

If you mean legit specs from Nintendo then no. Nobody in here has. The guy who wrote this crappy article hasn't either.

This is the interwebz though so let the BS commence!

WeskerChildReborned2737d ago

@LostDijinn, They have specs but they are not specific unless they were fake that i read but it looked legit.

metroid322737d ago

Try leaps and bounds m8 the wiiu has Shader model 5.0 thats 3 generations on ps3/EDRAM ps3 has none/OpenGl4.1 ps3 has a tweaked OpenGl1.0/Compute Shader 11 ps3 has zero support for this new technology that we have in gpu's today SORRY kids but the WiiU will compete with ps4 and 720 not 360/ps3 as there too weak WiiU is already doing 1080p/60fps versions of them games with better animations the lot right on launch???

neogeo2738d ago

Will it feature the 100meg shock like NeoGeo?

ape0072738d ago

NeoGeo= CLASSIC, what are your fav games

AO1JMM2738d ago

Do not care as I am still getting the console when it releases.

Ck1x2738d ago

Yeah people aren't giving the WiiU enough credit as being next-gen. Until more developers come forth that are willing to utilize the extra hardware its a pointless argument. On Nintendo's side of things as a developer, they need more time to show truly next-gen visuals on the platform and I'm sure Retro will be the first studio to do so. Although I am expecting pretty great things from Gearbox as well, as Aliens CM looks to be one amazing game already...

Muffins12232738d ago

It will be better than ps3 and xbox360 but i dont think it will come close to ps4/next-xbox

mad-dog2738d ago

what a stupid article... jesus. Farida Yusuf is an amateur. Go do something else on the internet please.

GameLord082737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

Why don't you go do something else with the internet other than attacking people on the internet baselessly? What makes it a stupid article, the fact that you can't read, much less comprehend?

Get a bloody life, you immature wanker.

Knux2737d ago

Oooh GL, I like the way you reply. :*

Anyway, I don't care about the Wii U's power as much as it's games...which there is a serious lack of.

mad-dog2737d ago

To prove a point he goes back to a tech demo of Zelda. One that looked great but had interactivity limited to switching on the light...... Everyone that is in to gaming allready discussed this techdemo to death. In this article he basicly said nothing, he only proved he is very very late to discussions that were held on sites like Neogaf months ago.

At least Hiseru and Wishingw3ll provide some solid information.

What, i your opinion does this article say that enlightened you in any meaningful way about the Wii-U?

GameLord082737d ago

It wasn't just the lighting you could alter - you could also alter the camera angles, and the view itself. Didn't you watch the video, or did you just read one or two words of the article and decide to be a complete fool?

And that was the point of this whole article - to look back on all the previous discussions regarding this tech demo. It's a re-collection - obviously I was part of the discussions back then, which is why I'm bringing them up to the surface once more, so we can remember what we did see with the Wii U. It isn't meant to enlighten anybody on the Wii U. Any simpleton would be able to see that.

Before you go on to criticise somebody else's article unintelligently, make sure you understand the whole read and its purpose swimmingly first, then come back and leave your feedback like a mature human being.

mad-dog2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

Yep, all things we allready knew, basicly nothing really that spectaular, although the lighting itself DID look very spectaular and the demo was promising for future first party and second party Wii-U releases.

And no, it wasn't to look back on the discussions regarding this demo. It was to look back on the discussions about the Wii-U graphics capabilities based on the gameplay we've seen so far at E3 and later events and the discussions that followed (people shooting all kinds of stuff about the Wii-U's graphic capabilities).

He uses the Zelda demo as a reference point to show what games could look like.

I would have no problem believing first party Nintendo games will look even better than that. The tech demo lacked anti aliassing for instance.
And although a lot of people liked what that demo was showing, a lot of other people thouht it wasn't that impressive at all (i thought it was impressive in some regards and it was very promising, considering Nintendo always blows these techdemos away when the game releases.

I agree my first comment wasn't very intelligent, but it did cover the same feeling i still have now. That article is made by someone who wants to play gaming journalist and isn't very good at it. It was a complete waste of time reading it.

edit: for what it's worth, it's a nice article for people that aren't that interested in gaming and don't follow the news that much. If they happen to stumble upon this site through N4G like i did, they might get a nice recap..

GameLord082737d ago

I can't believe you still haven't figured out I'm the author of this article. Besides, I wasn't playing "top-notch gaming journalist". I'm a freelance writer for the site, and I write what I take an interest in. Obviously, this article wasn't intended to actually offer anything spectacular or unknown about the Wii U - it was just a clear re-cap of the tech demo to show the possibilities of the graphics capabilities of the Wii U we've already seen - that's the entire purpose of the article.

Nothing new. Nothing fresh. Nothing immersing at all. You shouldn't have gone in to the article with high expectations - it was a mere re-cap editorial I was interested in writing. It doesn't make me any less of a good writer, or an attentive gamer who pays great attention to the industry's happenings. If you don't like the article, that's your opinion and yours alone. Please do not wrongfully criticise my writing abilities based on your distaste for the article.

mad-dog2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

i figured that out just fine. That's what made your comments even more laughable.

To answer your article: No, this is not the possible answer to how powerfull the Wii-U is.
Pretty sensational title for an article that just rehashes old stuff everybody allready knows.

It was not a clear recap from the the end, yes, it was just a recap.

Having said that, i wish all the best in your writing career. Seriously, it's not like i think the article is badly written. It's just that the title made me believe you had new info or a smart dive into material someone else hadden't noticed yet.

Anyway, good luck. I'm off to a site where they have a bit more interesting news.

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