Crynosaurs: First DX11 Screenshots From The CryEngine 3 Game Looks Amazing

Some first DirectX 11 screenshots from Crynosaurs, the upcoming CryEngine 3 dino game. Check out more details about Crynosaurs after the break!

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Prcko2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

hmm not what i expected

Computersaysno2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

Really? Crytek love a bit of dinosaur action. Far Cry was based on a dino island demo. Someone has obviously remembered that and built this in homage.

ATi_Elite2281d ago

CryEngine 3 was built for consoles!

I'm so not impressed with it. CryEngine 2 beat the hell outta PC's and produced Photo realistic graphics.

Frostbite 2 smokes the CryEngine 3 with ease.

pandehz2282d ago

Nail the dinosaur movement animation and it may feel a lot more interesting

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2282d ago

I have seen 100,000 cry engine screen shots from CE2 to CE3 but a hand full of games.

chukamachine2282d ago



Needs much better dinosaur graphics, later time of day, dinosaurs to interact with veg.

Engine is good, would love to see a proper studio take on a game like this, not a crap game like turok.

Muffins12232282d ago

Well this is in early development,most games look like this early in development btw.Im sure they would of made the animations better and made polished everything.I would love to see a open world dinosaur game. Something like crysis 1 with dinosaurs lol

h311rais3r2282d ago

Hey! Turok USED to be good!

StreetsofRage2281d ago

Chuka must be a noobie. Turok games for the N64 were beast!!!

WeskerChildReborned2282d ago

Wow aha and what is up with these translate sites?

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