Comic-Con 2012: Actor Kadeem Hardison Goes Virtual in Beyond: Two Souls

Actor Kadeem Hardison is starring alongside Ellen Page in Sony’s PlayStation 3 exclusive, Beyond: Two Souls. Quantic Dream director David Cage worked with Hardison in Paris to bring his character, Cole Freeman, a U.S. government official who investigates paranormal activity, to life using full performance capture technology. Hardison (“A Different World”) talks about going virtual and his own love of video games in this exclusive video interview below.

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Whitefeather2281d ago

Glad to see him working again.

cedaridge2281d ago

Dewayne Wayne that's my dude. Always thought he should have got with Freddie on"A Different World."

Tetsujin2281d ago

Damn, I thought I was the only one who ever watched that show...

Whitefeather2281d ago

I enjoyed it more than the actual Cosby show

iceman062281d ago

Impossible...the show wouldn't have lasted for the 6 seasons that it did. It was rather popular for the time and I still will watch it at any point that I see it. There's something about that and the Cosby Show that I just can't turn off if it comes on.

Whitefeather2280d ago

I like how people disagreed with me saying I enjoyed a show more than another. I think I know what I enjoyed best.