Economic woes extend to Second Life

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal is covering a Second Life banking scandal that could rival the sub-prime mortgage crisis for SL citizens. It seems some questionable banking schemes has led Linden Labs to shut down over a dozen virtual banks, causing a run on funds over the past few weeks. Makes us glad we kept our Linden Dollars under the virtual mattress.

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ben8064382d ago

putting real money in a pretend bank, it was never going to be a good idea was it?

VigorousApathy4382d ago

Who said it was real money?

ben8064382d ago

because secondlife only uses its in world currency that has to be purchased for American dollars. hence its all real money you play with

VigorousApathy4381d ago

I guess that makes it more realistic. What happens to the real money though? Does the company keep it? I assume you can get it out again once its in your Second Life.