Skateboarding Legend Tony Hawk Looks Back at His Video Game Legacy

Tony Hawk is still skating. The former pro skater no longer competes in the X-Games or other big events, but he still tours and skates daily – often with his kids. Hawk has a new game out on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the digital download Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD from Activision and developer Robomodo. Hawk looks back at the franchise and looks at how video games have helped propel the extreme sport into the mainstream in this exclusive interview.

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310dodo2735d ago

i still remember Tony hawk for my Dreamcast
me and my dad would play for hours

good ol days

t0mmyb0y2735d ago

Hell ya. I played THPS 1 on PS1 with a group of people. Was an awesome time. Never forget those days :D

glennco2735d ago

all i remember is activision's first foray into milking the sghit out of a game with very little improvement from 1 to 8. although i have some fond memories of this series it is the milking that i immediately think of with this game

it is a shame more people couldn't deal with the new control style of skate, it is infinitely more rewarding to play than TH ever was. the control system is flawless