The Story Mechanic Part Two: The Power of Potential

GodisaGeek: "There is a great line in Indie Game: The Movie, where Phil Fish holds his hand up to his face and declares that he is “this close” to Fez and that he can’t tell whether it is a good game any more.

He had lost the ability to see the game in its entirety, focussed as he was on the detail. His problem is completely the opposite of that of the critic. Critics experience the game as a whole and, usually, know pretty quickly if the core game works or doesn’t, but has to actively search for the reasons why. The games that are the hardest to judge are those where, strangely, it is possible find a fault and yet the game succeeds entirely despite that flaw. A section or sequence of a game can be utterly terrible and yet the game as a whole is wonderful and engrossing.

Which makes me think about potential. If a game is great despite having weaknesses, how good could a game be if it were the ideal version of itself? What would that be like for a player?"

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