Drawn to Scale – Does Sex Really Sell?

Playing Soul Calibur V with my girlfriend over the weekend, she brought up a great point that I usually just glance over. She asked “why are Ivy’s breasts three times bigger than her head?” Scratching my head, I couldn’t come up with a sensible answer other than “sex sells.” This evolved into an in-depth discussion over the current direction that character models for females in video games are heading in...

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Pozzle2745d ago

I've never really bought the whole "sex sells" thing tbh. Sure, it might HELP create attention and/or controversy for a game. But I doubt there are many people who buy games solely based on how "sexy" or scantily-clad the characters on the box are. People would buy games like Soul Calibur even if Ivy was proportioned like a regular irl person.

Hufandpuf2745d ago

Lollipop chainsaw's Juliet Starling comes to mind. Though I've also heard the game is pretty good.

Blackdeath_6632745d ago

you'd be surprised how many people actually do buy a game based on "sexiness" so to speak. Bayonetta is a prime example for that.

Lucretia2745d ago

bayonetta was hideous so im not sure how that happened. I played it for gameplay. not a creepy stretched out woman who was annoying and thought she was sexy.

though i do know people who think she was hott. i dont even find cosplayers of her to be hott.

Yi-Long2745d ago

... the reason I never bought it is because the girl is extremely unappealing to me with her tiny midget-head compared to the rest of her freaky body.

I much rather would have preferred a character like DOA's Ayane.

Ravenor2745d ago

Buying Bayonetta had nothing to do with it being a game from Platinum Games and Hideki Kamiya.


ATi_Elite2745d ago

Idk? Ask a Hooker or a Pron Star!!

Jessica Nigri is famous for her Sexy Cosplay, mainly for turning Pikachu into something to "FAP" to lol!

KidBroSweets22745d ago

Well sex DID just make make click on this article. Did you see those bewbs!!?

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DragonKnight2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

*sigh* I highly doubt this guy and his girlfriend had a discussion. And if they did, it was completely one-sided.

Video games are not "headed in" the direction of women becoming less clothed and looking like pornstars. That kind of character model has existed for a long time and in other mediums. It exists in video games because of other mediums and themes. There is no general rule that exists the way people like the author of this "article" implies. Soul Calibur is unrealistic in more ways than in just what the characters look like, and yet you're focusing on just what they look like?

"Yes, this means regardless of their age. This recurring image is of a woman of an unhealthy weight, giant breasts, large behind, and immaculate face."

Firstly, no one cares what you "both" agreed about. Everyone and their brother knows that in situations like this, where the women has a potentially volatile opinion about the subject, her boyfriend will almost never disagree if he ever wants to see her naked again. Second, unhealthy weight by whose definition? The B.M.I.? Which is a flawed piece of irrelevant science? Are you trying to say you've never seen women who have Ivy's "weight" in real life? Ever heard of a gym? There are plenty of women out there born with the traits you say are unrealistic or unhealthy, and they are pissing off all the other women not born with it. Then there are women who actively work to look good, also pissing off those same women. Giant breasts exist IRL, Large posteriors exist IRL, Immaculate faces exist IRL. Do you want proof? I can provide it.

Also age is irrelevant too. There are plenty of seniors who look damn good for their age because they exercise and eat well. Are you saying that exercise is irrelevant and that gravity will always win out no matter what you do? Obviously you don't pay attention to much.

Moving on to armor, during the time in human history where armor actually existed there was NO female armor. There is nothing to draw on from the past for that. Also, even though female armor is unrealistic, games that have them are unrealistic too. So again, you're playing a fantasy game but complaining that it isn't realistic enough? Take a look at Samus Aran from Metroid. Until we all saw that picture at the end of the very first Metroid game, we all thought Samus was a dude. Hell, even people who have never seen it, or were never told, would think that. In games where they allow you to make your own character and their appearance, what would be the point if that character's appearance is blocked behind heavy armor? Unless that is what you want, in which case there are games that provide that to you. But of course, why focus on what games like Skyrim get right when you can focus on what they get wrong.

Moving on to what gamers want. You don't know what gamers want and you're not talking about gamers you're talking about what your girlfriend wants. Yes, the majority of gamers today are STILL male. Yes, games are STILL marketed that way because it is a basic staple of business to market to a majority. I'm not saying that sex necessarily sells or that the female gaming numbers are low, I'm saying don't ignore facts. The majority of male gamers don't give a damn what their avatar is wearing or if their measurements are proportional (unless we're talking freakishly disproportionate, like a head the size of yoga ball or something) because we're too busy enjoying the overall game. Plenty female gamers don't care either, where are the articles speaking for them?

Ravenor2745d ago

You don't think I'm fat do you?

testerg352745d ago

Damn your comment was longer than the article.

Love how you say the author doesn't know what gamers want, but yet seem you speak like you're representing the majority of gamers.

DragonKnight2745d ago

You didn't have to read it.

And I'm representing common sense. It's common sense that male gamers are the majority. It's fact that you haven't seen articles where men are being represented and talking about how much they care about what a character is wearing or how they look. These are all things you can look up yourself. This author is saying most gamers don't want these representations of women. Where is his proof of that? How can he say "most" when "most" gamers are men, not women? The number of female gamers has grown significantly, no doubt, but it still isn't equal to or surpassing the number of male gamers. So when he says most, he's talking about men but doesn't have anything to back it up with. This article was the result of what his girlfriend had a problem with. Not what he had an issue with.

It is well known that women care more about what a person is wearing and how they look than men do. So is it a stretch to say that a woman playing a game has more of a tendency to have a problem with the appearance of any one character than a man would? Not all women are like this, plenty of women are enjoying the game and not caring about how the female protagonist isn't covered in a wearable tank or if she looks one of the moms off Teen Moms. Where are the articles about these women, who would rather have more games that are fun than worry about what the characters look like?

recninja2745d ago

I mean this is truly interesting. I guess a lot of gamers really do pick games up because of the "sexiness" of the female characters. Although, I do dislike the games that base a lot of the sells due to the hotness of the characters, which really diverts them from importance of the actual gameplay or fun itself.

It's a bit like how anime has a lot of fanservice, especially for males, because we like that kinda stuff. However, if the anime has bad characters (such as devoid from emotions or is just plain stupid), it doesn't make it an anime that would be worth watching.

I find the same with the games nowadays. Fanservice and a little showing of the body is fine with me, after all, it's just a game. It doesn't have to make sense why female armor can be barely called armor, but the game should be at least fun to play. Myself, I would buy a game for any character's looks, but it can potentially sway myself into taking a look at it.

I do kinda agree that sex sells, because it attracts attention of many male gamers, but I think it's a bit overused IMO. I wish they would lay off on it in some games and try to focus on attempting to create a funner game.

kent800820072745d ago

I'm actually a bit repulsed by there blatant and desperate attempts to boost sales

OhMyGandhi2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

sex sells.
why post another topic about it?

ShiftyLookingCow2745d ago

The answer to that question is above it.

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