Asia gets Sony's "Red Treasure" and a window for Echochrome

Siliconera reports: "At the Taipei Game Show, Sony draped the curtains on a limited edition PlayStation 2 set to arrive in stores on February 4 in Asia. The new color, Aka Takara Kurenai, or (loosely) Crimson Red Treasure comes out just in time for Lunar New Year. While it superficially feels like the PlayStation 2's days are numbered since the PlayStation 3 is on the market, Sony's most popular console keeps chugging along.

Speaking of the PlayStation 3, Echochrome has a spring 2008 target in Asia. That's no where near as solid as the March 19 release date for Japan, but Echochrome is starting to blob around the world. Perhaps, Sony will announce a solid NA release date at Game Developer's Conference".

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whateva4687d ago

and the red PS2 looks nice too lol

Maddens Raiders4687d ago

she's beautiful.

The PS2 is like a porn star stuck on permanent ejaculation. When will it stop, clean up and go on down the road? Incredible.

antoinetm4686d ago

thanks for the disturbing metaphor

Bnet3434687d ago

A red PS2 .. wow .... Japan has the friggin rainbow colors of the PS2 since 2003 ...

Fighter4687d ago

Looks cool. Now the PS3 needs more colors.

Kyur4ThePain4687d ago

I will buy that red beauty and probably never even take it out of the packaging.
No, maybe I will, but i will not connect it to anything.
Ok, maybe just connect it, but I won't turn it on.
Well, maybe it has a different startup screen? Ugh, what the hell. I might as well use it.

Looks luffaly!

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The story is too old to be commented.