"Leaked" WWE '13 Main Menu Is Fake

The WWE '13 main menu was supposedly leaked online yesterday. THQ has confirmed that it's fake.

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capjacksparrow2307d ago

Does anyone ctually buy these games? Not being a douche, I'm just asking.

BALLARD322307d ago

I do and I love them. A better question is who really cares about a leaked menu?

WeskerChildReborned2306d ago

I bought last years, it sucked IMO. I'm probably not gonna be buying any yearly sports game ever.

showtimefolks2306d ago

i use to buy all wwe games along with sports titles besides NHL but i stopped its just not worth it. These publishers just don't put enough into their yearly releases

WWE12 was a good game but had the biggest problem the reversal system was straight out broken

hopefully this year we can get back to basics and have a good game.

you know sad thing is many of the better sports games came last gen and we have better tech now yet we can't get better games.

nfl 2k5 achieved what madden still hasn't on a gameplay and presentation level

wwf no mercy
wwf here comes the pain
day of reckoning
shut your mouth

WeskerChildReborned2306d ago

@showtimefolks, Yea i use to buy each wrestling game every year up until 2010 but then i just stopped caring.

ApolloTheBoss2306d ago (Edited 2306d ago )

Wouldn't blame you. They usually get worse every year.

ape0072306d ago (Edited 2306d ago )

I was a huge fan of the series but i stopped buying them, the Last Smackdown game i owned was SVR 2007, this WWE 13 looks Fantastic, looks like im gonna get it

Jamzluminati2306d ago

Considering I've bought the last 7 on day one, yes people do.

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chukamachine2306d ago

I wonder what age children play this. And is it only in america.

It's all fake. I wonder if children know this.

rocky0475862306d ago

I wonder what age you are to actually think that wrestling is "all fake"? Wrestling is all over the world and it's NOT fake, it's scripted. They are obviously not trying to kill each other but there's a great degree of athleticism involved and a great deal of pain each and every night from taking those bumps that they do all the time.

That ring has no leeway and is not a trampoline like some ignorant people like yourself like to presume. You'd be one of those people that wouldn't learn until you actually got into a ring and did a 5 minute match with someone that was very skilled like CM Punk or even John Cena. You'd be exhausted after the first minute and you'd likely quit and never come back if you even last the full 5 minutes.

LoneWanderer092306d ago (Edited 2306d ago )


well said, bubbles up and agree