Best Buy officially no longer stocks 80gb PS3's

"Well that was fast -- just a day after we'd heard that Best Buy was dropping the 80GB PS3 SKU, it's gone from the retailer's web site. We aren't sure what this means for the broader US market -- several other stores are still selling the 80GB model -- but for now, it looks like customers of the Blue will have to get their PS2 fix from actual PS2s."

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ErcsYou4376d ago

Bestbuy is preparing for something big.... They need the extra space for there pallets of 40g ps3's. They still have the 80g (in-store) but the bestbuy warehouses are not getting any more 80g PS3's for the next few month's. ...

pwnsause4376d ago

so you think the Price cut is going to happen? are we getting a new sku, just let us know man, if you do know whats going on

Ri0tSquad4376d ago

Thats ludicrous. A pricecut seems like its coming but I hope not another sku.

skitzoid4375d ago

It is the only way a company can make modifications to their product without causing unwanted problems from the consumers and retailers. Think about it.

Example: They can't add a rumble controller, headset, video cable, or modifications of any kind to the hardware and sell it under the same sku.

Imagine you purchase a unit from older stock without the new additions. Are you going to say oh well, I guess I goofed? NO! You are going to march right back into the store you purchased it from and demand the newer model / additional products for the same price.

If you are taking a shot at Sony for having too many.
I am pretty positive both them and MS are currently dead even at 4 sku numbers each

Sony 20g, 40g, 60g, 80g

MS arcade, premium, elite, Halo edition

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4376d ago

maybe this is because they are going to introduce the dualshock to the us market now? Pairing it with a larger hdd sku makes sense.

jwatt4376d ago

I hope your right because I'm ready to buy a dual shock 3. I do think it's a new sku with a bigger harddrive because I know the 80 gig was selling more than the 40. So they wouldn't let the 40 gig sit by itself.

ravinash4376d ago

Maybe just the 40GB model in Black or White with Dual Shock controller.

joemomma4376d ago

their high orices always pissed me off but this is the last straw, Screw them

Pandaren004376d ago


new SKU or two??? maybe DS3 controller???

some kind of price drop is gonna happen....

MailMan4376d ago

Because,if this is any indication,the MEGATON is right on track for January 28TH,also known as the day when Xbots AM CRY

Jump OUT and Play B3YOND,PS3 @ $299=DEATH of Xbot3FIXME.

gta_cb4375d ago

i should sell my Xbox 360 straight away... maybe i could go to GAME (local retailer) and get maybe £100 as its soo sh!t, maybe i could pretend its the white PS3 and sell it to some weird family... or maybe you can just stop trying to troll, every gamer has their preference and most like myself have or will have both systems, your wasting your time if you think someone is going to "Jump out" and "play b3yound" just because you said so.

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The story is too old to be commented.