Final Fantasy Versus XIII Cancelled? Not So Fast.

Senior US Editor for ( and a resourceful source for all things Square Enix ) Erren Van Duine responded to the rumor on Neogaf.

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KingOptimusOrigin1113111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

I knew FF Versus XIII was still alive. You can bet its going to be at TGS 2012 or SE own event this September. ;)

blitz06233111d ago

At first, I thought it was really canceled. But then, every article that reported the rumor referenced Kotaku which started the rumor. I didn't read the entire post, but based on what I'm seeing it seems Kotaku didn't even have a credible source. I do applaud them for generating hits.

sdtarm3111d ago

kotaku is never a credible source, if they started it then its probably just the opposite

HardCover3110d ago

People who say Kotaku isn't credible aren't credible people.

They're always the people that have never visited the site, refuse to read anything they say, and assume it's bad 100% of the time.

RememberThe3573110d ago

Hards right, Kotaku is as accurate as anyone else. Every big website post rumors that a lot of the time turn out to be wrong or inaccurate.

Frankly, I'm glad they brought this up. Square we should be pushing Square for a release date instead of sitting here like puppies waiting for orders. It's been long enough they announced the game and now it's time to deliver.

Dir_en_grey3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

Only retards support a site like Kotaku.
If they are known to make crap up most of the time just to "make" news and get hits, who the hell cares if they sometimes will have "real" news, they are a unreliable source to begin with already.
They have proven themselves to have no ethics in journalism, they only care about hits to make more money.
Stop supporting anyone with no moral ethics.

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WeskerChildReborned3111d ago

I just hope it's still alive cause that would suck if it isn't.

greenpowerz3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

A rumor busted with more rumors and speculation lol


I got a disagree yet the submitter of this article edited this story this way.

"Submitted by KingOptimusOrigin111 3h ago | rumor"


Irishguy953110d ago

Edward van duinne ain't a rumor man, it's confirmed that he went against Kotaku's rumor

Lavalamp3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )


It's not 'Edward' it's 'Erren.' She's not a dude.

Irishguy953110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

Lavalamp, i'm Irish and recovering from last night...forgive my insolence of not rechecking the description

Edit---oh well, only 2 months(sigh) till we find out

Edit 2-

Wow again though 1 and a half years ago = this
I just cannot believe the notion that S-E cancelled something so far along

Edit 3- Seriosuly, from 1 and a half years ago
"The trailer shows just a section of the game's starting country -- that is, the kingdom ruled by Noctis' father. There are also other large kingdoms, and in between them you'll find villages. Even the villages are expansive. Nomura was once again surprised by the size when checking the game."

The game sounds ****ing finished back then/ It's impossible for S-E to throw away this work instead of holding off other games and just completing whats left of this. It'd be cheaper jsut to finish off this.

Nimblest-Assassin3111d ago

Im not a fan of the FF series, but my friend loves them, and has been waiting for this game for a long time

So when the cancelled rumours popped up... he was really pissed... I forwarded this, so he could feel better

My other friend, simply wants this to come out, so they can work on KH3... a series that I have played very little of

If this game is actually coming out... I might try it out

princejb1343110d ago

I knew it was still alive also
People were overreacting to a rumor smh

Patriots_Pride3110d ago

Its still alive just wont be released this gen and will be multiplat.

TheGameTagerZ3110d ago

Where's the source buddy?

Or are you just running your mouth?

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Them_Bones3111d ago

I absolutely hated FF13 and don't even know what versus is about but with all that said *gasp* YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY.

Vortex3D3111d ago

How do you know Vs XIII wouldn't be anything like XIII? All Square showed is a small gameplay made over 2 years ago. Right now, we are assuming Vs XIII will be very different from XIII from pure guesses.

Them_Bones3111d ago

I don't know.
But I hear it had a mature theme so it won't be all gay and emo like FF13.

Majin-vegeta3111d ago

It looks way better than that butchered abomination FFX3.

DigitalRaptor3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

Are you serious? Pure guesses? The whole theme and context of the game couldn't be more different from XIII or XIII-2. The active battle system, the characters, the near open-world nature, world map, dungeons, modern vehicles, the day and night cycle, the serious/dark/mature tone of the story and the whole game. All of the key things that make this game different have been compiled and outlined in this thread: http://www.finalfantasy-fxn...

I mean even the name "Versus" is meant to signify the opposite of the rest of the Fabula Nova Crystallis cluster - that's what Nomura himself has said. The only connection to XIII at all is through the character's belief in the goddess Etro and the crystal.

And if over 5 minutes of gameplay showing the different environments and gameplay systems is "small" then we must have different standards of judgement, because I got a lot from that gameplay trailer. There's even been some analytic articles on it and everything has been scrutinized.

_-EDMIX-_3110d ago

Um. It has an open-world map, and it has Airships. Oh and its not FFXIII. LOL! Theres a reason why FFXIII was linear and its called DVD9.

yet FFXIII Versus isn't and its running on a Bluray?...interesting. I'm sure space has nothing to do with it. LMFAO!

If this game releases, it will be one of the games that proves this whole gen was hindered by MS stupid DVD9 choice. But who needs proof when you have GTAIV little ass city and lack of features that where in GTAIII! and FFXIII linear, no map or back tracking etc.

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Patriots_Pride3110d ago

Gay and emo?? Ah isnt that the mean concept of every JRPG.

stonecold33111d ago

i hate hearing these rumors i think its time for square hurry up and get the game released asap ?

thehitman3111d ago

you say that but if it comes out "incomplete" I bet you would complain they rushed it lol.

MiyagiSPG3111d ago

Incomplete games are a no no, rushed games are a no no... yet to think of Versus as a rushed game when it was announced in 2006 is crazy talk :P!

Draperc3111d ago

Versus cancelled? That's odd, I could've sworn this year that it went into full production. And the part where they're not gonna announce that it's cancelled? Yeah I definitely call BS, a big company like square would definitely say if an anticipated title like Versus is cancelled if only to get people who were waiting for it to move on and look forward to their next big game.

Torkith3111d ago

I have a feeling this rumor was created to attempt to force Square into talking about the game or showing something new. That's all.

Dark_king3111d ago

I have a feeling it was for hits and that's it.There not gamer there not reporters there idiots out for hits.

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