Multitap | Dreaming of deep Wii U multiplayer concepts

Graham Russell: "For many, the takeaway from this year’s E3 regarding the Wii U was that this asymmetric multiplayer would be confined to Pac-Man Vs.-like, shallow concepts. (As a side note, I actually loved Pac-Man Vs., but that’s a column for another day.) While the actual games shown didn’t veer far from the “tap things to help!” path, the system still got my mind racing about deeper, more engrossing multiplayer experiences we could have on the system. Today, I’m sharing three I think could be most promising."

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Jadedz2743d ago

Anyways, Wii U will be a godsend for localized multiplayer. I've read a lot of comments on how gamers aren't as thrilled as they once were, with online play.

That's not to say playing online is bad or anything, I just prefer localized multiplayer games, at times.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2743d ago

The DnD Dungeon sprawler would be nice. It would be cool if the WiiU had Cloud memory or some form of memory that a DM could carry and UP-load on another person's WiiU.

That way the person could plan a campaign and then not have to bring their own Wii U, just their Controller.

I know that it can carry Mii's like a Wii-Mote. But It would be nice if it could accept an SD.

Anwyway it was a good read. I hope someone in Gameland reads your ideas.

DestinyHeroDoomlord2743d ago

The d&d thing sounds awesome, all they really have too give you is like the lego pieces and then you build your own masterpiece.