Microsoft responds to Polytron's Fez patch claims

Developer Polytron issued a statement two days ago, saying that a save issue affecting a small number of Fez players would no longer be resolved with an additional patch. Microsoft, who Polytron laid the brunt of fault on for demanding an expensive fee to certify and issue the new patch, has now shared its side with Giant Bomb.

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TheGamingArt2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

Old news, but yea. I'm not sure. Fez was a huge hit, banking the single developer quite a bit of cash. On that side, I don't see how he can't afford to patch it. On the other note, seriously.... $10,000 to patch the game is rediculous on ANY note. It doesn't cost nearly that much (if much at all) to have a game patched on PSN, iOS, or anything else I can think of besides Live. Hell, it's free to patch an iOS game... wtf?

ThatsGaming2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

I disagree... Have you ever run a data center? MS has a very high availability data center for XBLA title hosting. They pay people to take action on the monitoring, they protect the network from hacking, they post the patches, the patches take storage on many servers, they pay for electricity and backup electricity to run their data center, they pay network experts to make sure the throughput matches the load that XBLA put on it, etc.

It is not cheap to run any network... Especially one with 40+ million users expecting flawless performance every time.

I know MS charges for Live, but it I doubt they make significant money from publishers on XBLA. There are a lot of background costs to host the hundreds of games on XBLA.

TheGamingArt2738d ago

You're joking right? They make a huge profit from Live in general (and a huge profit from the developers). You do realize that they charge devs for bandwith usage right? You say it's not cheap to run a network, but M$oft profits in ridiculous amounts over their networks. Running them is like buying a piece of candy for them. No one should disagree with what I am saying. I'm also a developer. I can fully see why he's frustrated. It's dumb to charge THAT much to update your software.

ThatsGaming2738d ago

Being a person that has developed, operated world class networks, and managed devt and operations, I know how expensive it is to run networks. $10 K to distribute a patch is "the price of doing business on XBLA". MS does not hide this from devts.

And being a devt you should realize that it is important to release quality software. If you screw up your build and distribute it, you should burden the cost of shipping a new build fixing the crap you shipped. Not the network provider.

I can't believe a devt would side with another devt that didn't make sure their software was tested fully. The devts I work with always take accountability for the costs associated to the builds that have gone through our data centers. And as a devt manager I always made sure we took accountability to any screw ups we made. It is about pride in the art of development and the experience for the people that used our software.

BanditGamer2738d ago

News flash, PSN charges about the same.

2738d ago Replies(2)
Hatmantc2738d ago

Because all the huge corporation isn't to cover its own but because they look like the bad guy.

ALLWRONG2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

Things change when you get both sides of the story. Where is the anti MS horde from the other post? Still trying to think of something... huh?