Gender And Gaming: Why I Hate Girl Gamers

Girl gamers are no stranger to the fight against gender stereotyping, though our battlefield may be virtual, and the true enemy none other than ourselves.

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SavageKuma2743d ago

Ummm I am going to interject a bit. You can't classify a few bad apples to every girl gamer out there. I played with many and they are not what you think they are. I mean yes there are that sell themselves in a certain way but when is that every a bad thing since sex sells and is an interesting tactic for noobs that fall for it and it does kind of sound like you fell for it many times in combat. I see what you were trying to do, but you sound more heartbroken from a bad relationship than trying to prove a point.

samiahm2743d ago

It's written by a girl so you fail to make a point

SavageKuma2743d ago

Really than damn this whole thing makes no sense lol.

Naners2743d ago

I apparently fail at replying. I did compose a response to you a few posts down however, so please read that if you get a chance.

live2play2743d ago

just by calling themselves "girl gamer" shows that they want some form of attention
names like gamerchick274, cutiegamer9374 all reek of seeking attention

just be a gamer

there are no gay gamers, tall gamers, just gamers

Ryasha2743d ago

Well there are some gay gamers who call themselves "Gaymers".....
I get your point though and I agree with it. Just felt like mentioning that.

WeskerChildReborned2742d ago

Or guy gamers cause most are aha but yea you're right about that. If you're a girl gamer then just be one but don't try to act like your special just cause you're a girl.

gamey2742d ago

You already buy into the frame that this is some problem in the gaming community. I'd argue that this isn't a problem at all; It's a straw-man argument. I agree with your sentiment, though, for sure.

Naners2743d ago

Yeah, that's why I do mention in the piece that I'm talking about a minority of a minority. Unfortunately, what these few "bad apples" do has a huge impact on the rest of us. It's a little like how the the vocal minority on a game's forums can influence devs to nerf perfectly good content into oblivion.

I've been gaming with a group of guys for about 7 years now, and despite having gamed with me, to this day they still hold these very stereotypes against other "girl gamers" we've encountered. When I yell at them over TeamSpeak, they just laugh about how I'm the exception, then mumble something about me having bigger balls than some guys. It's pretty disheartening being that they have a prime example of a true blue girl gamer right in front of them.

As for heartbreak, hehe, not really. But disappointment in my own gender, absolutely. It's just that I've been in a lot of guilds over a lot of different games over the years, and usually in the role of an officer. I've naturally seen a whole lot of good (the few girls I keep in touch with), and witnessed a whole lot of bad as well, even worse than I reference in the piece.

Hope I've cleared things up for you a bit and thank you for reading!

SavageKuma2743d ago

Eh bad apples are going to happen I should know since a lot of guy gamers do a lot of dumb things over the spectrum. Honestly you should attack those that actually play into all of that propaganda of the sex appeal vs. female gamers that actually know what they are doing across the board like yourself who is a real female gamer. Being almost 30 I have been around all types and it does indeed suck, but again apologize for my confusion.

Naners2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

No problem at all! Just trying to spread the gospel one gamer at a time. I do agree and have mentioned that those who allow it to happen are just as at fault since it takes two to tango.

Annnnd, since I'm all out of bubble(s) gum, I'll respond to the rest here.

@live2play Exactly. Gamers are gamers and I love being one.

@Hufandpuf I spend a good amount of money on gaming a month because it's what I love to do. I'm also really lucky to work from home so I pretty much play as long as my work's done. I don't normally keep more than 1 sub open at any time however. (And since GW2 is B2P and MWO is F2P, that means I'll be able to have 3 games going in August for relatively cheap.) Maybe I'll treat myself to something else. Mwahahah.

@MacDonagh Yup, I own a Turbo Grafx 16 and the CD System. You could import Japanese games and play without any tomfoolery so I played the hell out of "Space Adventure Cobra" and "Sol Bianca" back in the day.

Hufandpuf2743d ago

How much do you spend on mmos a month?

MacDonagh2743d ago

You had a Turbografx16? I wish I had one but they never sold them in my area. I generally agree with the sentiments that your article puts across.

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The story is too old to be commented.