This is Gabe Newell in His Freshman Year of High School

It's only his freshman year, that's why the Valve co-founder and boss hasn't yet been voted Most Likely to Succeed.

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Lovable2747d ago

I guess working in Valve is very stressful...gotta have them donuts coming...

ATi_Elite2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

@ Lovable You just delayed Half Life 2 ep3 another year with that comment.

Ah the wonders and Joy of being a Freshman. So young, so eager to learn with that innocent gleam in their eyes!

Wait a minute!!! Freshman Gabe looks like professor Isaac Kleiner!

pandehz2746d ago

Bahahahahah yea dam lol he just delayed Half life

All those hrs of beta testing his games have taken a toll on his weight. Cant imagine how big he would get when Half life 3 releases

StayStatic2746d ago

A fat joke a day keeps Half-Life 3 away.

Gaming1012746d ago

Damn, he was a skinny kid, and he discovered that fatty high calorie sugar filled food combined with sitting on your ass all day makes you the size of a planet... something just about most gamers either have discovered or are currently discovering lol

Bimkoblerutso2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

I can kinda see Kleiner...

Or like a young Ed Begley Jr.

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Red_Orange_Juice2746d ago

I bet Kotaku editors werent any more handsome

pixelsword2746d ago

NOTHING to do with gaming.

h311rais3r2746d ago

It's Gabe Newell before he became a genious. Of course it has to do with gaming he's one of the heads in the industry. If he pooped it would be a pixelated turd in half life.

DragonKnight2746d ago

Have to agree with pixelsword. We don't need to know what Gabe Newell looked like as a teenager. This isn't one of those MSN sites that cover "what your favorite celebrities looked like in school."

What game does this have to do with? Is this article going to increase the likelihood of a new Valve game being announced or released? Does it talk about gameplay or development? No. So it's not about gaming at all.

snipes1012746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

Yea lets all just be assholes about it. Just appreciate it for what it is: a little look into the past of one of the industry's greats.

Why so serious?

DragonKnight2746d ago

Why so serious? This site is already filled with submission violations that are approved by friends while more legitimate submissions get denied. We get to hear people complaining about blogs, and obvious flamebait articles all the time, but when a 3 line "article" about what a current game developer looked like as a kid shows up it's "legitimate news?" Since when? Sorry, but this site is called NEWS4Gamers, not yearbookphotosforfangirls.

snipes1012746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

Seriously just let it go. You sound like one of those cliche butt hurt hall monitors from the movies that runs around the school crying about violation this regulation that blahblahblah.

Im aware of the problem youre talking about, but this isnt part of it. This isnt flame bait at all.

If you look at the tag "culture" under the article, I think you will see that this fits that description. There has to be almost 30 tags that an article can fall under, and they arent all related to news.

HardCover2746d ago

If you don't like an article, browse around for another.

Haven't been here for a year, but I'm glad to see a lot of idiots still can't figure out that there's more to this site than the front page.

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KMCROC542746d ago

That or he always has the Munchies.

paddystan2746d ago

He just needs a big body for his big heart.

StayStatic2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

I'm sure having 3 Billion was worth the stess lol

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Bathyj2746d ago

I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

Dday1412746d ago

I just came in my pants alot.

iceman062746d ago

You mean double tap??? Never can be too careful!!!

lociefer2746d ago

OmGz he had a mandible !!!

2746d ago
Pozzle2746d ago

Wow. He's barely recognizable.

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