Iwata: Wii U Not Competing with Microsoft, Sony, Becoming Profitable With 3DS

Nintendo's launch of Wii U by the end of 2012 is important for the company, partly because of its first-ever reported loss but also, because of the year-long advantage it has before Microsoft and Sony's next-generation consoles hit retail. Nintendo (Worldwide) president, Satoru Iwata, speaking to Gamasutra, didn't share the same opinion.

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live2play2744d ago

now now kids
he just means they try to do their own thing instead of trying to compete directly with sony & microsoft on power or graphics things like that

remanutd552743d ago

and im fine with that but i want NEW appealing exclusive game experiences, Zombi U is a good start.

WeskerChildReborned2743d ago

Yea we don't need them to really compete. I just want Wii U to have great games, great visuals, and great gameplay.

2743d ago
Morrigan-Aensland2743d ago

They say the wii and Wii u aren't competing with Xbox and PlayStation but Nintendo loves to talk about how their much cheaper console sold more or how their games are superior. All systems are competing with each other of the same generation.

live2play2743d ago

amazing...just how clueless a person can be

"All systems are competing with each other of the same generation"

why did this thought even cross that head of yours (unless it has no brain)
if i specifically said what they meant by not competing with sony and micro

ofcourse they are competing, nintendo has always said they have to not only compete with sony and micro, but with everything that takes youyr time and money

BattleAxe2743d ago

Iwata is totally correct, the WiiU is no competition.

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DivineAssault 2743d ago

Thats their way of saying "We arent getting all the multi console games from 3rd party that they get" & "our online system isnt like theirs"

vallencer2743d ago

Really?? Because i thought it was their way of saying "We do things our own way and we always will." But hey maybe you know more than most people.

cleft52743d ago

You have to love how stupid some people are. These guys hate Nintendo and will never acknowledge anything good about them. Whatever though, I think the success of the Wii showed how irrelevant these guys are nowadays.

killerhog2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

Yeah, because only a blind person would believe they [nintendo] aren't competing with Sony or Ms, yet are adding features that the other two already established? If Nintendo is doing things "their way" they shouldn't be adding what the other two have done for a while and better.

The question is, do you really believe nintendo aren't competing with Sony or Ms and for the wiiU won't be playing catch-up?

It's like Ms saying "the Zune isn't competing with apple iPod" and vise-versa. This is Nintendo's way of saying they won't go out of their way to secure IPs, take risks, please everyone etc. which is what divine stated.

DivineAssault 2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

oh come on now... I was being sarcastic.. We all know Nintendo will get everything current gen has.. When is the question.. & the wiis success was because of the casual market.. Look at what games sold on it from 3rd party.. 95+ million wii units out there yet barely anything sold that wasnt a 1st party game... Only the so called "CORE" games like mario kart, mario, smash bros, etc from 1st party sold alot.. & with 95+ million wiis out there, they shouldve easily moved more software than ANY of the competition.. COD outsold anything nintendo put out but the wii has the most units out there lol

vallencer2743d ago


I'm not sure what you're getting at to be honest. Nintendo has ALWAYS done things their own way i mean look at the Wii seriously. Was anyone else going to do this they weren't. Then guess what happened it did well so now Sony and Microsoft copied it. Oh and guess what they're copying what the Wii U does now too. Microsoft announced smartglass and well sony just talked up more about remote play. So like i said im not quite sure where you're comming from to be honest. Oh and divine didn't say any of that actually he just said its their way of saying they aren't getting any multi console games. Thats what he said read it again. They are taking risk....what do you think the Wii was? Hell even the Wii U is a risk but in the end Nintendo doesn't care because they do what thy want. If they really wanted to compete you think they would have made a Wii?? Also you can't please everyone just saying.

GreatGreyWolfSif2743d ago

You really shouldn't feed into the BS of some people. Haters are everywhere and find any little reason to attack Nintendo. Nintendo has been the only company to innovate first in many ways and found an insane amount of success at it; while the other companies follow suite and only find marginal success. (ex. PS Move/Kinnect)

They will be the first company to release a tablet control, that will revolutionize the way we play console games, and MS and Sony will then turn their attention to try and directly compete with them. It's going to be the same thing again except this time Nintendo will be in the HD era of gaming, making it difficult to justify purchasing 3 consoles once more, simply due to minor graphical changes.

I'll probably get one at launch as long as the price is right...

Sono4212743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

It isn't them starting to do things 'their way' (Microsoft and sony) Its them giving whats in demand, People were asking for HD graphics, a 'regular' controller, and better online. So they gave it to you, sorry they are trying to give people what they want? Also how can you judge how it measures up to what they do when the system isn't even out yet? Especially when we don't even know anything about the other new consoles coming. You really don't make any sense.. I don't see how you're even trying to make a point that they don't things their own way. They always have, its so obvious i'm surprised your even trying to say otherwise. Just look at any console they've ever made. You should try thinking before you type, it helps.

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killerhog2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )


I think you forgot hands free ps2 eye-toy? I also guess you didn't see the ps move prototype videos since early 06? But Im betting you also forgot that the psp did remote play even before the vita and wiiU, wii, DS?

But you can cater to all casual or hardcore which Nintendo dropped one for the other and did a lousy job at satisfying the core that did stay with them.

I guess you dont know how to comprehend as well. Divine was implying what i stated.

How old are you? Because by reading your response, I get the feeling youre a blind 12-year-old Nintendo fanboy.

Edit: I mean really. If Nintendo wasn't competing there shouldn't be Netflix on wii, wiiU shouldn't have an online functionality similar to PSN etc..

corrus2743d ago

Very good post Nintendo copy from Sony and now lying that this thing are their idea

Salamander2743d ago

Its called convergent evolution... and why you making fun of blind people.

vallencer2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

Well it seems you've forgotten the virtual boy because it did as well as ps2's eyetoy. Oh and in response to your psp remote play I feel you've forgotten the gameboy link to gamecube because honestly they are the same thing except one doesn't need the cord. Also you say that sony had a move prototype in 06? Well when did Nintendo show off their controller?? Oh yeah it was in 05 so yes Sony did copy them. Maybe you should stop being a Sony fanboy and just enjoy gaming like seriously. I really don't care who Nintendo caters to because I enjoy their games so it doesn't matter to me. I consider myself a "hardcore" gamer but I own every system and will forever own every system because i like video games so don't go around calling me a fanboy I mean really??? I barely play my Wii. I don't believe divine was implying anything only that you assumed and you know what they say about people who assume?? Just because they are having online and they put netflix on the Wii doesn't mean they are competing lol it only means they are adding features for people to take advantage of that is all. If they were competing they would have made the Wii HD but they didn't because they didn't feel it was needed because at the time not even 50% of households had a HDTV.

LX-General-Kaos2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

The Nintendo product line is in a league of its own. Creating unique gaming experiences that can only be found on Nintendo consoles, and handhelds. There is literally no need to compete with opposing forces in the gaming industry.

The Nintendo brand will continue to deliver fresh new experiences on a consistent basis. Blessing the Nintendo Elite supporter with a diverse gaming experience, produced from the bleeding edge tech found under the hood of every new Nintendo platform release since the beginning.

With the Nintendo Wii, and followed by the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system. Nintendo is not out to create or compete with next gen competing platforms. Nintendo is the founder of a new generation of unique gaming experiences. Complete with a new evolving way to give the consumer control over Nintendos award winning franchises.

Have a blessed day and happy gaming.

Rated E For Everyone

nintendojunkie282743d ago totally wasted your lone,solitary bubble.Just think you could have used it to rip into nintendo again and reiterate for the umpteen time how much you hate them.

BanditGamer2743d ago

Sorry bro, if you were psycho ps3 truth or whatever that clown's name is, you'd probably have way more agrees. . .provided of course you're blowing steam up SONY's behind and not Nintendo.
But I've got a feeling you know this already ;)

user54670072743d ago

Why not, a little competition is fun, the competition between Sony and MS has been interesting this gen and in my opinion I think it's what has pushed both companies harder which has benefited us gamers long term.

PopRocks3592743d ago

"Why not, a little competition is fun,"

I'd imagine that's why Microsoft made Kinect and why Sony made Move.

AngelicIceDiamond2743d ago

That's kind of delusional actually.

"Oh our sales dropped dramatically, I don't get it, we have 1st party content as well as third party games. What could possibly going wrong?"

Well Nintendo there's 2 other console manufactures on the market sooo, maybe you heard of them? Sony and Microsoft?

PopRocks3592743d ago

And yet despite both of their super powered consoles coming out earlier than the Wii, their console was a mega-seller. Those same circumstances may not repeat with the Wii U, but it's still gotta count for something.

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