Banned for six weeks: Why I've had enough of my sons' Xboxing


For some teenagers, gaming is pretty much essential to daily life, because it’s become an addiction.

I HAVE broken up that many fights between my two boys in the past year, I’m thinking of becoming a boxing referee.

Either that, or finally getting rid of the Xbox, the cause of most of their fisticuffs.

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ApolloTheBoss2746d ago

Don't do it, man. You're kids will hate you for life! Just keep limit the time they use it. Keep it in you room or something.

Patriots_Pride2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

That was the worst staged video I have ever seen in my life.

I have seen better acting from Christian Bale.

SnotyTheRocket2746d ago

He got an Oscar didn't he? So, ummm, yeah.

Lord_Sloth2745d ago

The Oscars are as much of a joke as the VGA.

Dark112746d ago

oh noes! .. now the boy can't play his "Call of duty" and "halo"


Hal0_0_EmElG2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

Probably for the best , console FPS is shit , not surprised they get pissed off playing that laggy shit HAHAHAHAHAH ... =/

Wigriff2746d ago

Them_Bones: The fabled entity which haunts every comment section of every story on N4G. hehe.

(Seriously, I don't think I have clicked on a story all week that you didn't comment on.)

WeskerChildReborned2746d ago

Haha the video seemed stage cause he was outside at the exact moment. But yea you would never wanna do that. Well i could never do that to my precious PS3 aha.

Jaces2745d ago

Kick em outside, can't be that hard. Hell that's what my parents did and I just ended up going to my buddies house for some SSB.


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Pozzle2746d ago

That's fair enough. If your kids are misbehaving, then of course you're going to discipline them in some way or another. Me and my sister used to fight over our games when we were young. My mom just took the games from us and said that if we were going to fight over them, then nobody could play them. We eventually learned to share. lol

Not really worth writing an article over but whatever.

Tired2746d ago

Try a co-operative game you dozy dozy mare.

Children are constantly vying for parents attention and to outdo each other in everyway possible.
It's basic pack behaviour. Add a competitive game into an already volatile mix and voila...angry kids.

WOW, the stupidity of people is staggering.
Don't pit them against each other and they are less likely to fight.

hellvaguy2746d ago

Misleading title. Why dont you try banned your kids for a more reasonable time like 1 or 2 weeks before going all out? You could yourself lead by example and not watch tv or use the internet for 6 weeks. But you wont, which is of course hypocrytical.

archemides5182746d ago

yes, there are a LOT of people ADDICTED to games, and yes it is a problem, do what you have to do.

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The story is too old to be commented.