Developer Accused of Selling DLC to Cats

The developer of Games for Cats has been forced to make its DLC menus less feline-friendly.

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Patriots_Pride2739d ago

My cat loves DLC as much I do.

Can wait to get fish armor for him.

Blacktric2739d ago

Dont forget to use his/her cat card. I heard they are giving special discounts to those when used.

vickers5002739d ago

Sounds like they're milking this whole dlc thing to death.

WeskerChildReborned2739d ago

Selling DLC to cats? I don't even know....

Patriots_Pride2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

You must not own a cat.

Mr. Sparkles comes from a royal blood line born in the upper region of Beijing - he only drinks sparkling water with one ice cube and a twist of lime in it. He only eats red orandas and drinks milk from a bastard goat in Kolkata.

So it is only fitting that he gets this DLC

WeskerChildReborned2739d ago

I'm a dog kinda person so yea.

skyrim2739d ago

wait what? what?...........ammmmm huh............ok but what?

Nate-Dog2739d ago

what is this i dont even

archemides5182739d ago

but u got to know the password

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