‘Xbox 360 Isn’t So Good Anymore Compared to PCs.’

"Xbox 360 isn't so good anymore compared to PCs."—Matt Firor, head of Zenimax Online Studios, talking about why we haven't seen successful console MMOs on 360 as part of an in-depth Elder Scrolls Online interview.

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Snookies123140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

Was it ever comparable to PCs? Is ANY console ever comparable to PCs? Honestly I don't think so, they're of course at their closest when consoles first launch, but before long they're left in the dust. Developers do a great job of keeping them up to par though for sure.

Psycho_PS3Truthh3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

Playstation as been king since its birth on the earth in the mid 90s, since then the term PC is dead came into existence. But the xbox is not better than PC in society in this last part of the generation.

I think since kinect came and the lack of exclusives many gamers are now realizig that microsoft is not true to what is righteousness in gaming. But comparing the PS3 to PC, the only area the PC can compete against the omnipotent PS3 is within the indie area with games like amnesia, amber and slender. I dont classify free MMO or graphics to defy a console.

tachy0n3140d ago

stupid fanboy, the ps3 cant compete against the pc at all, FYI the pc has more exclusives than the 360 and ps3 combined, the pc is on a league of its own, go enjoy your sub-hd games and jaggies and quit trolling.

Kran3140d ago

Wow. The fanboy comes out to play.

Why is it every fanboy of PS3 always comes out with the "exclusives" excuse? Sure, they're fun, but we're trying to talk about PC gaming as a whole; pricing, graphics, games, availability.

You on the other hand come out and are like: Yo. Exclusives.

Psycho_PS3Truthh3140d ago


The playstation delivers the greatest games on the earth, put the best free to play MMOs together and they cannot beat 1 of the finest PS3 single player games on the earth.

These are scientific facts within society, when was the last time these MMOs achieve recognition like the great PS3 console experience on earth.

The PC will remain a test ground for gaming but the powerful and mighty PS3 will remain the breeding ground for true and mighty powerful games.

ApolloTheBoss3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

Aren't you that PS3 Troll from IGN? WTF, MAN?!

dedicatedtogamers3140d ago

At least PS3 has exclusives that can't be found on PC. 360...well, 90% of its games can be found on PC.

cstyle3140d ago Show
dcbronco3140d ago

Psycho is there some race to one bubble or something?

tachy0n3140d ago


look who's talking, i only stated facts on my previous comment. go research.

Me-Time3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

@tachy0n - "look who's talking, i only stated facts on my previous comment. go research."

If that's how you want to defend your comment, then...

RE: "@tachy0n - stupid fanboy, the ps3 cant compete against the pc at all, FYI the pc has more exclusives than the 360 and ps3 combined, the pc is on a league of its own, go enjoy your sub-hd games and jaggies and quit trolling"

"the pc is on a league of its own, go enjoy your sub-hd games and jaggies and quit trolling"

"@Psycho_PS3Truthh - I dont classify free MMO or graphics to defy(ine) a console."

You're a hippo-kritt.

StayStatic3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

Oh look it's that stupid troll Psycho_PS3Truthh from IGN lol

SilentNegotiator3140d ago

Thanks. Now this comment section is fully primed for over-reactive console/PC hate and fanboy speeches about the glorious PC/console-of-choice.


On topic, because of the way Microsoft has handled the 360, just about any hard/core gamer should be plenty more happy going PC.

h311rais3r3140d ago

Name 1 ps3 game where you have to take over an entire country and manage all it's provinces including diplomacy between warring factions and control an entire countries economy while waging individual battles and wars. Not to mention having to maintain morale and keep troops fed and keep civilians from rising and rebelling. No game on ps3 has that depth. Shogun 2 does and guess what? It AND. It's 3 brothers are all pc exclusive.

There are only 3 real Sony exclusives that really get talked about and that's uncharted, DEMON'S souls and metal gear solid 4. The rest are average games, not excellent not bad just average.

StreetsofRage3140d ago

LOL! Proof that sony fanboys are the worst! Like a rabid cult.

TekoIie3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Seriously stop talking about gaming like its a religion. You are the sort of person that people look at and think "this is why video games are bad"

Also everyone look at this guys account on IGN (where he "originated" from). He genuinely thinks he's a celebrity on N4G... -_-


.... You like Total war games which means i love the crap out of you ;D. Rome: Total war was like my first "hardcore" game and i still own it!

decrypt3139d ago

Why all the comparisons, console gamers dont really care about graphics or performance.

DigitalRaptor3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

I can't believe people on here are getting butthurt by Psycho_PS3Truthh's comments. They are just troll comments to get a rise, and you guys have fallen right into the trap. Well done folks!

And what's worse, is that it portrays a bad impression of PS3 gamers. Exclusives are important, as indicated by recent developments, but we have people saying that they're not important or necessary because "PS3 fanboys go on about them all the time" or "they don't sell well". Where is the logic in that?

PC gaming is epic and I love my time spent there, but I like to also play console for its exclusives and those games that feel more natural played with a gamepad. Don't downplay what is great just because certain fanboys or trolls piss you off!

BattleAxe3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

PS3 has the most cohesive gaming experience and the best exclusive games with some of the best graphics of all time, PC has the best deals and usually has the best looking 3rd party games and the 360 requires a subscription and has a very limited library of exclusives. Graphically the 360 has been a disappointment for the last 4 or 5 years.

insomnium23139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

LOL Psycho just destroys these people. How come you guys don't get he is trolling huh? Great work Psycho! Exposing the overly sensitive individuals like that. I particularly like your way of ending many of your sentences with "on earth". Priceless!

Bubbles up for funny!

PoSTedUP3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

PS3truth is trying to make ps3 gamers look bad, hes not a ps3 gamer, dont be so naive. real ps3 gamers/ sony fans are the shit ; ). and this guy, or should i say boy, is annoying and immature.

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WeskerChildReborned3140d ago

Really no consoles can be comparable to PCs. Consoles are just simple to use and cost less, that's the only real advantage.

Jazz41083139d ago

Do people forget the reason ms puts its games on pc? Pc is basicaly a ms platform with windows and directx. Of course sony is not going to publish as much on pc as it takes away from there cnsole but with ms they make money on every pc sold. So saying games on the 360 and pc are a problem then you have forgot how much the pc means to ms. I aslo hear sony is going to go more pc architecture next gen as they see nobod really cares to learn there diffcult propritory hardware when they have to put twice the work in it to get the same result. They started with that emotion engine then the cell. If sony keeps it up they will just be showing there arorgance and getting crappy ports other then there first party who they force it on. Its why valve and many other third party devs were sick of sony. But now sony is all about the gamer. What a line of bull. Just look at there past and its easy to see they only careabout themselves like a good portion of there fanbase.

ATi_Elite3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

1. I read the title and thought, "FLAIMBAIT"

2. Neither console was never comparable to the PC. The PC is always ahead of the consoles as to test out the new tech and game genres that the next console gen will enjoy.

3. Next console Gen the PS4/Xbox720 will have more ram and thus be capable of properly having MMO's and a more robust Online Gaming experience.

I just hope Next Console Gen Sony/MS give their Gamers DEDICATED SERVERS for all their online games including FPS like Call of Duty and Battlefield. The Console online experience is great but Dedicated Servers will improve things.

4. Console Gaming is different from PC Gaming so the comparison is totally stupid in the first place.

Enjoy your games no matter the platform.

rpd1233140d ago

I concur. PC's can really deliver the best visuals and over all experience. Consoles are better from a price perspective. They don't have to be upgraded constantly and they are cheaper to begin with. It all depends on your situation and each system delivers a different experience. Next gen I hope that consoles get closer to the PC.

The title is just inviting a flame war to break out (one already has).

Unexpecta3139d ago

Completely agree ATi_Elite. The PC is what started it ALL, from consoles to the everyday electronic devices we use today. There is no need to compare them with anything.

It's PC's > Everything. As for gaming, PC and console gaming are very different and cannot be compared either. To each their own.

Why can't we all just get along, maybe sing a song, and play along?!

SnotyTheRocket3140d ago

in Graphics? Uncharted 2/3 says hi.

ForkInSocket3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

The gulf wasn't nearly as wide as it is now, and software development generally lags a little behind hardware. So the 360 and even the PS3 remained competitive for a while, but their age is definitely showing now.

Most of my favorite recent mutliplatform AAA titles, despite being made with state of the art optimization tools that are the culmination of 5 years+ of experience on the platforms, suffer from choppiness, weak texturing, resolution hacks that really show the deficiencies of the consoles with current software.

Good games can be made on any platform, but technically it's time for some consoles with better memory bandwidth and storage, at the absolute minimum...

andibandit3139d ago

Lags behind?

Beyond Two Souls
etc etc

say HI

joab7773140d ago

This is hilarious... almost like, "flip phones aren't quite as good as that there iPhone thingy." Actually consoles have many advantages over over gaming. But they are being seriously overshadowed by raw power right now.

awi59513139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Playstation 3 was never a match for my pc either lol. Why pick on xbox lol? I sold my xbox and playstation 3 2 years ago because they couldnt get anywhere near pc. My 3 graphics cards with 16 gigs of ram just destroys any console. Bf3 is way better on pc. Skyrim is so kick ass on pc with total graphics upgrades, player made weapons, armor, custom houses to store my stuff,and you can even change all spell effects to make them crazy epic. Also you can mod in a lightsaber with the deathstar as a moon overhead in skyrim lol.

Also the steam sales just makes it all worth while. I bought saints row 3, Both batman games, dead space 2, dirt 3, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, L.A. Noire, and all the mass effect games all for like 7 bucks each. You cant beat the prices on pc i also only spent like 30 bucks on skyrim right after launch. I have over 60 games on steam most i havent even got around to playing yet. Because the prices were so cheap and it didnt even cost me alot of money.

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Shok3140d ago

It's been like that for a long while now.....what do you mean "anymore" like it's just now recently happening?

BanditGamer3140d ago

Welcome to 5 years ago! Come on.

lastdual3140d ago

I've also heard that the latest PCs are more powerful than PCs from 6 years ago.

Can it be true!?

TheTwelve3139d ago

I think you're onto something.

Pizza3140d ago

Oh yes, since when xbox is more powerful than PC?

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