Prediction: New Super Mario Bros. 2 Will be the Least Successful 2D Mario Yet

GenGAME has beaming praise for New Super Mario Bros. U, but isn't so hot on its 3DS counterpart, New Super Mario Bros. 2. See why they're saying it'll be the least successful side-scrolling Super Mario Bros. yet.

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live2play2744d ago

prediction: new bash article will be the least successful bash article yet

live2play2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

"If there’s anything we learned from games like Super Mario Sunshine, it’s that odd-sounding changes to a working formula are more likely to put people off than get them interested."

"the core fanbase might be getting a little tired of the same-old stuff"

so the fanbase is tired of same ol same ol, just run and jump and you want things to change

but when they introduce something to do rather than run and jump, you dont like it?

how the hell is it an odd change? they didnt change anything you just need to collect 1 million coins

its still just mario

so its a "working formula" but it needs to change to succeed. because according to you, it will be the least successful because it doesnt do anything new
i thought you said the formula worked?

face it your just trying to come up with something to write a crappy article to get hits

between nsmbu and nsmb2
the latter actually ADDED a change to the working formula
the former just did what previous entries did, add more/different power ups, just changed the backgrounds

nsmb2 actually included a new mechanic to the WORKING FORMULA

legendoflex2744d ago

"New content" =/= "odd changes to a working formula"

ronin4life2743d ago

Why the disagrees? @[email protected];
I don't know myself how this will do, but isn't it setting pre order records(or is this something I'm completely mistaken [email protected]@???)?