EA's Marketing For Dead Space 3 Is Another Reason The Video Game Industry Sucks

CB writes: Let's just cut through all the bull-crap, all the PR-spiel, all the boilerplate jargon, the marketing agendas and the phoney-as-a-celebrity's-bo obs fact sheets and just talk about the giant elephant in the room for what it is: Electronic Art's marketing, especially right now for Dead Space 3, is one of the reasons core gamers honestly think the industry needs to crash.

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dedicatedtogamers2746d ago

This article is right. Please, go back. Go back and watch/read the Glen Schofield interviews prior to the launch of the first Dead Space. Listen to what he says, how he focused on the horror aspects, how he talks about how his team would watch dozens of horror movie classics, take notes, and learn how to make the game scarier. Listen to what he says about sound design, scripting, and stuff like that.

Now, go ahead and watch the info about Dead Space's like looking at two completely different game franchises.

WeskerChildReborned2746d ago

Exactly, i think EA made them change the game cause it wasn't selling that much but i hate how everyone thinks that action is the approach to getting a huge audience when it isn't.

da_2pacalypse2745d ago

Or better yet... Why would you tailor a horror game for somebody who prefers action? I just don't understand this, they skyrocketed their marketing and development costs so they can give this game a new identity... and they expect it to sell 5 million copies (which we all know won't happen)...

Here is an idea EA, why not just keep the budget what it was and just create a third game for an already profitable franchise instead of shooting yourself in the foot before the game is even launched?

Seriously, if somebody is too scared to play dead space, then why would they buy a horror game? Better yet, if you want to publish an action game, WHY ARE YOU DOING IT WITH A HORROR GAME?!?!?!

It's like they don't want anybody to play their game :/

WeskerChildReborned2745d ago

@da_2pacalypse, Exactly! they are doing what Capcomd did with the RE series. I like survival horror since their's is not really that much being made today and they are sometimes my favorite genre.

user54670072746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )


I think he was hoping that old fans of the franchise who fell in love with the first one because of it's horror gameplay wouldn't notice where the game was actually going if he hyped us up enough with lies and false hope for the game.

However we arn't that stupid, if we can obviously see it in RE5 and RE6 then were we really going to miss the obvious over the top action pieces in Dead Space 3, the horrible AI partner who even though you can play co-op optionaly he will still be part of the games story or maybe the cover system, rolling around, human enemies etc.

Honestly they could of had old RE fans lured in for DS3 if they stayed true to what the game was about, maybe making it more like the first game but they decided to p*ss us off and scare us away...thats the only scary thing about DS3.

Gaming1012746d ago

What we are seeing here from lousy American businessmen is "Fallacy of the Majority" (Google it). This is where they create nothing from creativity, and only try to appeal to the mass market, or what they think the mass market is. They then compete with everyone else for the mass market - the problem is, everyone else is competing for the same market of people.

To escape this fallacy, what developers need to do is create games to an audience that *no other developer is currently marketing to*. This audience is being left wide open and ripe for taking over. Unfortunately, publishers don't give a crap about what they put out, they treat creating games like bean counting, and that's it. They are only interested in getting a bigger bonus, nothing more, which is why they don't care to continuously invest money in a series if that series isn't producing enormous bonuses for them - DS1 and DS2 were both profitable, but to get an even bigger massive multi million dollar bonus EA executives want something that's going to do Call fo Duty numbers. This is the unfortunate sog that the gaming industry is in, and it's unfortunate. David Cage was correct when he said creativity has sucked in videogames over the last 7 years.

Them_Bones2746d ago


h311rais3r2746d ago

How to appeal to everyone? You can't. Changing game franchises generally kills the series. Good job EA you fail

Urbz78702746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

the 1st dead space scared the *Bleep* out of me.

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