The Dark Knight Rises Gameplay Videos shares three videos of Gameloft's open world Batman game The Dark Knight Rises.

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mafiahajeri2744d ago

Looks good for an iPad game.

Soldierone2744d ago

To me it looks like the Spider-Man game they did with a little better textures.

Either way, if it goes to Xperia Play I'll buy it. Otherwise, nah touchscreen controls still suck.

ChunkyLover532744d ago

Maybe the game will be better than the film? I wasn't a huge fan of TDKR. I'd list it as third best in that trilogy.

archemides5182744d ago

are you seriously contending that an iphone game could be better than the movie??? you could argue that the captain america ps3 game or the wolverine origins ps3 game is better than their movies....but some iphone re-skin rip-off ps2 way.

ChunkyLover532744d ago

It was more a commentary on what I thought was a disappointing movie. It was my least favorite in the whole series, I don't want to give away a ton of spoilers and be THAT guy, but I just don't think they tied it together that well.

Also, I like a little Batman in my Batman movies, he was mia for 2+ hours. Just my opinion though.

YoungKingDoran2744d ago

dont worry bro, i love the first two movies and i didnt like TDKR. at all.
way disappointed, and to be honest i wasnt hyping the movie up in my own head either.
the crazy thing is how everyone on the planet seems to love it. i dont get it. am i going mad?!

ChunkyLover532744d ago

I thought I was alone! I loved the first two, but the villain in TDKR just wasn't as epic as the first two movie villains.

Also, in the whole trilogy, Batman wasn't even Batman for the majority of the time.

SavageFlamingo2744d ago

It looks better than I was expecting.

zeddy2744d ago

save your money, go watch the movie again.

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