Once My Most Anticipated MMO, Guild Wars 2 Is Now A Pass For Me

Guild Wars 2 is one of the most anticipated games this year but to Ron Hoffecker of, it is little more than an online scavenger hunt. Is Guild Wars 2 going to be able to hold adventurous players?

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Avery3140d ago

Have to disagree with the opinion of the author. Every mmorpg has a quest system and a main story line often you have to progress through one to another. The "hearts" are not mandatory but link you through an area and at the same time random events spur you on to explore more. The premise is no different to TSW.

"Find 5 hearts, two waypoints, and a village before hitting the next area" Wow, so in an area in an mmo whats the different to complete 5 quests here to level, grab a new spawn point and then move on? Same thing.

"No other type of game can make you get out of your chair and just stare at your screen as you and 10,20,or 40 others take down a god or demon king."
Did he even do PVP with 40 others breaking down a keep? Same feeling in my opinion.

The weak attempt in the last paragraph to imply a pay to win cash shop without even talking about it more shows the author didn't even take the time to open up more in the game which would of qualified his opinion not to come across as "I hate this game but love this other one so leave GW2 alone". It was like a parting shot of "so there" in trying to reinforce his opinion. Like I said weak.

rdgneoz33140d ago

Yah, there is no pay to win. Just a few pots that increase XP, which is already easy as hell to get. No buying gear or advantages over others in pvp. And if you're doing all the hearts / doing a bunch of dynamic events, you're gonna be downleveled most of the time anyway.

Also, he fails to notice there's 80 lvls worth of content in pve and pvp to play around with, and there's no monthly fees. The first Guild Wars had a cash shop for outfits, pets, and "mercenaries" (make a character of yours a henchman for another character of yours). The armor you can buy is only for towns. You're gonna have to earn that loot you want from dungeons or pvp by putting the time in for it. Loving structured pvp so far, and gonna try my hand again later on some WvWvW. I want to unlock a few more

Lastly, he complains about the hearts when they're optional. I do the hearts when I'm near them, but I love running around doing the dynamic events. Fighting a huge ass boss with a ton of random people working together is fun. You don't need to worry about who's healing who or who's main tank. You just dps, do a little crowd control, and help each other out when you can. And different events chaining together for part of a story is always nice. And the fact that you can come back to an area you've been to before and see events going on you didn't see before.