CNN: "video games help you get in the mood to do the killing"

The Colorado tragedy was a senseless crazy act by an insane individual, but was it caused by video games? That's what an analyst on CNN said he attributed the violence to.

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Zuperman2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

Jesus Christ... video games doesn't make anyone violent.

WolfLeBlack2738d ago

Indeed, the difference that people don't seem to understand is that increased aggression does not equal actual violence.

Videogames, depending on the game itself, obviously, can and do increase aggression for a short while, sort of like watching an action film does, but that doesn't equal violence.

In Short: naturally passive guy/gal + violent game = slight incresae in aggression.

Naturally violent person + violent games = douchebag. Increase chance of violence, but only because that comes naturally to the eprson.

Games are a trigger, not a cause.

2738d ago
lastdual2738d ago

Whenever I feel like "I'm not really in the mood to do some killing today", I just play video games, and that good old bloodlust comes surging back.

morganfell2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

Games are an outlet for violence and anger, not a generator of those feelings. They provide an opportunity to unleash aggression in a harmless atmosphere.

Games do not make me want to kill anymore than they make me want to hop across floating platforms to grab coins or or crawl through corridors eating white dots.

In a decade of failures, financial and integrity wise, CNN maintains their downward spiral.

Shikoro2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

Well, it didn't take long after the Dark Knight case for someone to blame everything on video games. Freaking journalism...

Gaming1012738d ago

If you get in the mood for killing after playing a videogame, you have serious psychological issues that could have come out had you watched violent tv, read violent books or comic books, or listened to violence glorifying music. You can not blame videogames for this. The dumb kid was nuts and was able to buy guns with zero psychological evaluations. In Canada you need a psych eval and a plethora of other things just to be able to keep a gun in the back of your car, not reachable by anyone sitting in the car - in the US you can buy assault rifles and shotguns when you're a 17 yr old punk with mental issues up the ying yang, and no one thinks twice about it.

Does anyone else see the real issue here?

Anon19742738d ago

For me while I was growing up, Dungeons and Dragons was supposed to make you go crazy and kill people. Oh, and Heavy Metal. And television. Before that it was comics books.

JhawkFootball062738d ago

It has already been reported the James Holmes was obsessed with Guitar Hero. Guess we ought to ban that game too.

Dorfdad2738d ago

Same could easily be said of MUSIC and Movies, TV Shows, or even Books.. This whole world is looking for someone to blame when the problem is clearly with the individual.

In fact I have been more aggressive over women (not hurting them but getting me more excited and agressive than any game or video) So maybe they should be outlawed as well? Maybe just the ugly ones..

thats_just_prime2738d ago

if video game made people kill we'd have 100 million + people going out and kiling.

This is just another dumbass expliont the tragedy to push thier own believes off on people

GribbleGrunger2738d ago

Jesus Christ, couldn't they have waited for the boor bastards to be buried before they started another agenda.

It might be contentious, but PERHAPS gun sales are responsible

dedicatedtogamers2738d ago

People need to realize that videogames have become a scapegoat in our society just like many entertainment mediums.

Would you believe that comic books were once blamed for violance, deviance, and poor grades? Would you believe that Dungeons and Dragons was once blamed for corrupting America's youth and turning them into drug-binging Satanists? It's true. Videogames are simply the latest scapegoat.

MmaFan-Qc2738d ago

and i guess Richard Wagner music put Hitler in the mood to do the horrible crimes he did?

MAJ0R2738d ago

I guess their saying this now because that guy who killed all those people in Colorado was really into Fantasy RPG games.

Apparently society reached the point that they have to blame a crime on anything other than the person who actually committed it... disgusting.

Dee_912738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

i dont always kill
but when i do
i prefer to play video games first..

funny the guy that did the killing said he was joker..
But since ofcourse TimeWarner owns CNN and since Timewarner (Warner Bros Pictures ) distributed The Dark Knight Rises they cant say anything like this about the movie.Instead they say "We dont know the motive,and we will make sure we have extra security at dark night rises premiers across the globe and we doubt Batman had anything to do with the killing."
Instead of closing movie theaters across the globe until they finished investigating the shooting and the suspect.the new America Money>security>Freedom.M edia Outlets make the money,laws protect... eh im over it..
Proof of controlled news and corruption is so damn evident here haha.

SilentNegotiator2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

I see particular politicians are once again having no moral issue in warping a tragedy into bullet points.

*guns should be banned because they can be abused
*video games should restricted because they cause violence (according to our guesses)

And surprise, surprise. The UN "arms trade" treaty is to be revealed soon. I wonder what 2 countries with no personal gun ownership, 2 countries with highly restrictive gun laws, and an administration that cares more about impressing their European friends than strengthening a weakened nation....with IRAN as the VP of the conference (?!?) ....could do.

Nothing to harm personal rights of people in the USA. For sure. Besides, we have the Supreme Court on our side! *chuckles* Like protecting state rights by deciding that taxes that aren't taxes are taxes.

Sorry if some of that was a bit off topic, but my point is this: I'm sick of the psychological warfare in US politics. So much empty logic fueled by fear and playing emotions. If you're not "them", you are evil, self-centered, and like poor children dying in the streets for your own amusement.

Psycho_Mantis2738d ago

And most importantly that people who do terrible things such as this horrific event should always be accountable for their actions. Placing the blame on video games is just a lame excuse.

pixelsword2738d ago


Hitler played video games?

ChiVoLok02738d ago

It's CNN. Why do we even take this article serious?

PoSTedUP2738d ago

the ignorance of blind news media outlets makes me aggravated and violent. shut the **** up CNN u guys piss me off. ok now to release my aggravation and stress out on a shooting videogame....

see what i did there? bing bang boom, cnn you lose.

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Ranma12738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

Yes it does. I saw a gold chocobo and immediately got out my blade to chop it to pieces...

i cut off its head because i saw that in god of war, i just do whatever happens in video games because am in idiot...

really its the video games that make me do that, not the fact that i am an insane psychopath who has metal health issues, no that's got nothing to do with it. its the video games...

Computersaysno2738d ago

Videogames actually get me in the mood for drinking too much alcohol.

Someone get the conservative media here right now to take my story!

Armyless2737d ago

This debate has nothing to do with conservatives or liberals. It's the ignorant idiots versus common sense.

xPhearR3dx2738d ago

Little off topic here, but am I the only one who thought the person to very right in the pictures article was Greg Miller from IGM for a minute?

Nimblest-Assassin2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

[He] probably spent a lot of time in his apartment, playing one video game after the other—shooting, shooting, shooting—building up his courage and building up the excitement of when it’s going to be real for him.

"And now we’re going to find, probably on [Facebook] or anybody who knows him will say, ‘Yeah, he did have a lot of interest in that.'
"He was always playing the video games. And I’m not saying video games make you a killer. But if you’re a psychopath, video games help you get in the mode to do the killing,"


Look the Aurora shooting was a tragedy... people went to enjoy a movie(that was totally awesome), and they were attacked


I never read that serial killers like Jack the Ripper played videogames to get him in the mood to kill people

"oh I'm not blaming videogames" Bullsh*t

Yeah thats why with out proof your saying... he probably played a lot of videogames, and his friend will probably say that he did

He is, you don't see people after playing videogames, saying huh... im in the mood to kill something

The guy was mentally sick... do they have any proof he played videogames to go on a massacre?

How about you idiots fix your stupid ass law in which you allow anyone to bare arms... Never seen someone in your country using it to protect themselves... only to cause death and fear


And he had tear gas? Really? America... get your shit fixed, and maybe then you could attempt to blame videogames

Lord_Sloth2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

Japan doesn't allow people to have guns. SURPRISE!!! Guns are still there among the Yakuza. Japan better get their s*** together and fix their stupid gun laws!!!

The only thing "fixing our stupid gun laws" would do is make it harder for good people who wish to defend their families get guns.

Yes, let's make sure we can never defend ourselves again!

No, blaming video games isn't right, but neither is pointing the finger and trying to blame anything for a senseless tragedy, gun laws are among them.

TekoIie2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )


"Yes, let's make sure we can never defend ourselves again!"

You think Trayvon Martin would have died if it was harder to get guns? You think Mr Zimmerman would have had the balls to follow a complete stranger if he didnt have a gun?

Many people (who end up being innocent) die from the stand your ground law and it creates more bad than good...

Nimblest-Assassin2738d ago


Look... I understand that people need to defend themselves... but a majority of the time, people abuse that power

How come no one at that theatre had a gun to defend themselves? That should have been a perfect time... but no one knows when trouble will come and threaten their family

You say it becomes harder for good people to defend themselves... but its a lot easier for bad people to harm others now

Guns are used to intimidate people...

The yakuza acquire guns illegally, but in america, you can walk into a store and get one

ChipChipperson2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

Every year, people in the United States use guns to defend themselves against criminals an estimated 2,500,000 times – more than 6,500 people a day, or once every 13 seconds.151 Of these instances, 15.6% of the people using firearms defensively stated that they "almost certainly" saved their lives by doing so. In 90% of these instances where gun self-defense is used, a single shot is not fired. The right to bear arms and conceal carry is deters crimes. The cities that have high crime are the ones with the strictest gun laws.
Of course you're blaming our gun laws. We have a right to own firearms and civilians use them for home defense ALL THE TIME. Just because the news is giving this so much media attention you assume that our Second Amendment is to blame. Most of the maniacs who use guns to kill never even got them LEGALLY in the first place. Norway loves hunting, of course Anders Breivik killed teens at a camp which killed more civilians than this incident. Guns weren't to blame in that incident, it was his him being weirdo and embracing extreme political ideology.
And in response to your "Why didn't anyone use a gun to defend themselves in the theater" that's because in the city of Aurora it is unlawful to conceal carry a firearm.

Imalwaysright2738d ago

If you want to protect your family you should get better locks, an alarm and an ovrchaka!

"The only thing "fixing our stupid gun laws" would do is make it harder for good people who wish to defend their families get guns." and the irony is that it makes ridiculously easy for someone that wants to harm your family to get guns too. Americans still have the cowboy mentality.

sjaakiejj2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

Did you even read what he said? It's pretty sensible. He clearly stated that Video Games do not make you a killer, but that there is a certain appeal to violent video games to killers, which is perfectly sensible.

But the question remains - would people have to defend themselves 2,500,000 million per year in the U.S. if guns weren't available legally? Would as many criminals have access to guns or other deadly weapons if they weren't allowed?

Comparing the gun crimes in the U.S. against regulated countries brings up an interesting picture - U.S. Gun Crimes are significantly higher than they are in any other developed country.

On that note though, I don't believe Gun Laws have anything to do with this incident at all - He would've been able to acquire the guns regardless.

Norway's probably a bad example though, as hunting guns are legal there.

Pozzle2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

"Japan doesn't allow people to have guns. SURPRISE!!! Guns are still there among the Yakuza. Japan better get their s*** together and fix their stupid gun laws!!!"

That isn't really a good example considering Japan's gun crime is practically non-existent outside of the Yakuza. (And the Japanese mafia isn't exactly a good representation of the entire Japanese population anyway).

DragonKnight2738d ago

@ChipChipperson: You forgot to add "Brought to you by the zombie remains of Charlton Heston and the N.R.A.

It's ironic isn't it that the countries with gun laws have a lower crime rate than the U.S. since the people seemingly can't defend themselves right?

ChipChipperson2738d ago

@sjaakiejj To your first question, it wouldn't stop a criminal from obtaining a firearm illegally still. It still wouldn't stop them from committing crime. If James Holmes hadn't used firearms, then he would have found an alternative to killing people like making a bigger bomb. I was unable to add this to my first comment, but the areas that have higher crime in general, not just guns, are areas that have strictly regulated gun laws. Switzerland has very liberal gun laws, yet very little crime. Most of Western Europe, where they have very strict gun laws suffer from the most multiple victim public shootings in areas where guns are banned. Why is it that these incidents have to be associated with guns? Why not racial differences, politics, religion, or stupidity?
I completely agree with you though, gun laws should have nothing to do with this incident, but it's the fact people HAD TO put their political agenda to this is what is pissing me off when it shouldn't have them. I'm getting tired of the notion that people think that they should depend on the government for protection.

h311rais3r2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

I live in Canada. We have several guns in our household. Studies have proven that legally owned firearms acquired through legal retailers are not the issue. It's the guns being bought or stolen illegally.

The whole ban gun things also increases crime in a country (see UK and Australia as examples).

Proper gun laws need to be set in place. A full background check for criminal or mental. 3 letters from known associates, a test and registration are required to own a firearm in Canada. Government k ows who owns them and what ones.

My local gun range has a jar you have to put a dollar in if ou call a gun a weapon. They're not weapons as long as they are not being used as one. They are a tool of recreation. What you shoot at makes it a weapon. Just like a kitchen knife or bat becomes a weapon.

In fact guns are lower on the murder list than knives are.

Fact: states with carry permits in the USA are deemed safest states in the country and local gun carriers have saved civilians from offenders on multiple occasions. Just recently a perp who was stabbing people with a kitchen. Knife in a grocery store was caught only because a civilian pulled a gun on him and waited for the police to arrive and arrest the suspect.

If someone is going to kill someone they're GOING to kill someone whether they have a gun or not.

Better ban kitchen knives. Baseball bats. Hell even ban beer bottles seeing as those have been used in quite a few murders.

Oh and before you claim bull on what I said do some research instead of just following the media like sheep. I spent 6 weeks on a paper about this and the evidence supporting a gun ban lowering murders is slim to none.

Tuxedo_Mask2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

"How about you idiots fix your stupid ass law in which you allow anyone to bare arms"

Hey, it's the Summer time now, do you really want to force everyone to put on long-sleeve shirts?

We have a little something called the 8th Amendment in the USA, buddy!

Bolts2738d ago

Blaming America's gun laws for this is just as stupid, if not more so, than blaming video games. Its a proven statiscal fact that tough gun laws encourage crimes, not reduce it. I believe in Washington DC the murder rate nearly doubled AFTER they banned guns and states with virtually zero gun laws have the least amount of crime vs states that have toughest gun laws (CA).

Ripco_Keller2738d ago

I'm with Lord_Sloth.

Here's how simple it is-
If you make guns illegal, then you are taking the guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens.

However, criminals will ALWAYS have access to guns illegally.

So.. if you put out a law saying it's illegal to have guns, then the only people who HAVE guns would be the criminals you didn't want having guns in the first place, and left law-abiding citizens with no defense.

Best case scenario in this situation (aside from having a police officer on hand at all times) is that you are able to get a land-line phone (mobiles can't pinpoint your location), call 911, have them send out a patrol car within 10 minutes.

We can't expect the police to be able to respond instantly to every emergency. And in a life or death situation, every second counts. Possessing a firearm can be used as a deterrent in emergencies and can be used in self defense.

Having the right to bear arms gives people the ability to defend themselves in extreme situations. Taking that right away would have no impact on the people who would use them for nefarious purposes.

If you have a plan for dismantling every firearm in existence, erasing the knowledge of how to construct them, and then regulating the populace to ensure that they never learn how to make firearms again, then bring it to the table. Because that's the only way you're going to take guns out of the hands of criminals.

HonestDragon2738d ago

Here, here! History has shown an incredible number of people who have murdered in the name of one cause or another. Video games have never been listed as the actual cause for violent acts. It has only been used an excuse.

Racism, sexism, militarism, fascism, mental issues, and religious extremes have all been the cause of violent acts. Never has one form of pop culture ever been the actual proven cause of a person going crazy and killing other people. If anything, this is a result of some nutcase who managed to get his hands on intricate equipment without the proper background check. Yes, our gun laws need some serious work.

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IMChampion2738d ago

My cup of water just spilled, video games are responsible somehow...I just know it. /s

sjaakiejj2738d ago

Except he never claimed they were ;)

ATi_Elite2738d ago

our country being at war every decade since WWII puts people in the mood to do the Killing.

people working hard 12 hours a day but yet cant afford anything puts people in the mood to do the killing.

Video Games give people an escape from the harsh realities of life and ease their minds and takes away the anger.

Don't use Video Games as a SCAPEGOAT for the real things in our screwed up society that cause people to go off the deep end.

There were Mass Murders before Electricity and there will be Mass Murders after Electricity if we do not correct the REAL PROBLEMS.

MoveTheGlow2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

It all takes some context, and neither CNN nor Fox nor some of us can understand that.

Any piece of work, any object, any idea, any thought could drive an insane killer into the act of killing. Could video games do that? Absolutely. But it's not their place, nor our place, to blame the game.

As we have nearly the same debate with guns in this tragedy, one thing is incredibly important to keep in mind - no matter what the weapon was, or the motive, or the scene, or the movie, this was a personal, mental problem. If the crazy Norway terrorist didn't play Call of Duty for hours on end, it would have been something else. Same with this. They're fishing for blame because they don't understand that some humans are capable of this on their own. They don't want to know why.

If there's anything that needs to be fixed, it's the state of mental health care. If you're not ready for something, you shouldn't have it. If video games make you destructive, do not play them and seek help. If the sight of a staircase makes you destructive, do the same. If you can afford it... and that's what needs to be fixed.

rezzah2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

people don't see the big picture, it isn't the specific mediums, it is the culture itself that allows what they dislike.

Edit for wrong word.

leogets2738d ago

then he probably woulda made some spagetti and jump on a tortouse instead ;s

Mottsy2738d ago

CNN makes me angry and violent!!! Tell them to broadcast that !

greenpowerz2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

CNN is circling the toilet. Ratings down the drain. Integrity in the sewer.

Right wing crackpots will jump at the opportunity to spread anti games rhetoric(eventuality porn, not being on Facebook etc.) to garner support

CNN has been purchased by big oil and other special interest groups since around last presidential cycle where the checks and new found fame over Fox News, went to their heads.

Stay true MSNBC.... CNN will join Fox News in hell

What that killer did with the weapons(also the ones he had) and the way he set the trap and what he said has more to do with Hollywood than video games. Some of what happend is similar to Batman the Darknight.

2738d ago Replies(1)
NeoBasch2738d ago

Nah, not video games just the Dark Knight Rises, evidently. lol

You can't blame the artist when he/she has no control over how the viewer/reader will respond to their work.

abzdine2738d ago

they do make a few people violent, and that's what it's all about.. Sad truth!!

greenpowerz2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

The so called experts need to be specific about what games people are playing and how long. Are certain types of people more influenced or susceptible, possibly already having built in impulses?

If experts can say these things, when do we draw the line on what content does harm? So called experts causing talks blaming video games with no proof of relevance to this incident to begin with.

Video games can make you grumpy when bothered while playing or a few minutes after playing due to the heightened emotional state/engagement needed to be immersed in the game(might snap at wife when told to take the garbage out when playing when you wouldn't otherwise) Doesn't make you crazy!!!! out to kill!!!! though.

The divide is big with so called profilers and psychologist. You have 5 minute fame-rs trying to make the most flashy analysts on TV. The RIGHT WING conservatives have been trying to ban video games altogether in Congress.

On the other side of what I mentioned above is the inconclusive crowd that try to do real studies and work in the name of science that often say, somethings are going on but also include many other forms of influence at the same time.

abzdine2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

you know, a guy could play a "violent game" during 5minutes and have evil ideas, and another can play the same game for days without being influenced.

Unfortunately, the first type of person is a problem, but of course people don't only get violent only because of video games.

This guy is a terrorist, he needs to be punished for what he did and stop finding exaplanations that don't make sense. When i'm walking down the street and some kids playing soccer kick the ball in my face i don't say: oh these stupid kids are attacking others with soccer ball cause they played too much FIFA.

manman62738d ago

You would think they would blame movies first since the shooting happen at a movie theater where there is violence displaying right on the screen.

chad22hkd2738d ago

Right what ignorance!!!! I guess the massive amount of types of disgusting porn online are okay,
and movies with far worse, gory, and realistic killing is good.

Where a hero kills masses in his uber ultimate killing for justice is fine.

Hunting is great too, shooting innocent animals in the name of sport. Oh wow you just shot that deer's brains out, it was 12 point buck!!!

Anyways all media, games, movies, books are a representation of the highest percentage of the world's mind. A lot more people are shooting each other in the face in Cod, then jumping around in rayman origin. Look at are human history, and guess what? Human like to be greedy shellfish, alpha powerful and murder each other.

I'm so sick of these retarded people blaming games. Actually compared to books, movies, or just online, games are a lot more innocent pg 13, and less violent.
There are some seriously more disturbing books and movies. I won't even talk about some the insane types of websites there are.

Anyways gamers should unite against such bs, start a gamers charity for stuff like this. Or just start a petition against cnn, or comment until we bring down their site!!!

Us gamers number in the 100 millions but we are the most separated community. If anyone does start something like that let me know. Lets unite, and show people like this how stupid they are!!!!

greenpowerz2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

All basically started with GTA series. Anti gaming folks would/could/have?/or will argue Watching movies is observation and playing games is participating, making all the difference in the brain. Also the amount of time playing has become a popular anti gaming talking point. The Role Playing factor is the excuse they use when these tragedies happen(he did it acting out the video game, video game made him an angry loser making him crazy, on and on)


I have a hard time believing playing games causes mental issues where you want to go out and kill. When watching past shootings and listening to competent professionals and all the testimonies, people usually have other issues and already want to cause harm. Not disputing their inspiration though. If you wan't to go out and kill because of being so easily influenced by violent entertainment you already have bad wiring.

But like I said *Not disputing their inspiration* Although I believe you think games actually cause mental illness or at the very least, the loss of empathy and remorse.

Thatguy-3102738d ago

violent movies are more violent than video games -_- why do video games have to fall under the mold? If movies dont influence this behaivor then video games don't.

LackTrue4K2738d ago

if that was the case.....then movies have the save effect too!!!!
(example) Batman Rising!!!

Tru_Ray2738d ago

These kind of comments are puzzling to me. I frequently play ultra violent video games (Killzone, Crysis, Call of Duty, Resistance, Battlefield, etc.).

However, I do not own a gun and have absolutely no desire to purchase a gun in real life.

Most gamers are quite adept and making the distinction between reality and fantasy. This douche bag wanted to make a name for himself so he decided to kill all of these innocent people in cold blood. If there is a hell, let us pray that he burns there for all eternity.

Anyways, inhumanity towards humanity has always existed and predates the advent of the video game industry.

I don't think that we can blame society here. This was the work of a profoundly disturbed individual with a warped sense of virtue.

May those unfortunate victims rest in peace.

jagstatboy2737d ago

I think Jesus knows that.

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Imikida2738d ago

I've been playing video games for so many years now, I've never got the urge to kill anyone.

live2play2738d ago

i dont know man
but after playing mario
i just get the urge to bash some skulls in with my feet

Plagasx2738d ago

Maybe because you suck at it?

lzim2738d ago


Yes actually.

But the underlying thing there is that some games are buggy and bugs and glitches can spark off basic reptilian reactions (to a perceived) unfair hindrance to progress.

reactions can range from turning off the game because it isn't fun
Or seeing those things as an extra challenge which enhances the experience
Or you smack the nearest person to you and blame the game.

live2play2738d ago

plagas, izim

wow guys i was making a sarcastic joke...

playing gun games make you want to shoot people according to cnn

i said after playing mario i feel like jumping on peoples heads... you know mario jumps on... you get it?

after playing kirby i just want to turn into a cannibal and eat people?... still dont get it?

after playin- ah you get it

lzim2738d ago

IDK.. but some videos games do exacerbate the fundamental short tempered easy to wrath psychopath that bubbles up when I have to deal with stupid people.. speeding drivers.. loud neighbours etc.

CNN probably should have said killing virtual things in a game could reduces or wears down the barrier we should have since childhood if raised in such a society where there are such laws, that inhibits lashing violently or acting out on violent thoughts.

slaton242738d ago

call of duty causes people to kill.....tell me who doesnt ahow agression towards the pathetic servers, little kids playin and starting alot of bullcrap and of course the thrill of the chase

HammadTheBeast2738d ago

I bet you listened to rap music when you were younger. The neuronic wavelengths from the destructive rap music and the violence inducing video games must have triggered an urge to NOT kill someone.