Gamestop now taking pre-orders for Resistance 2

According to Gamestop, Resistance 2 is set to release September 18th, 2008 in the US for $59.99.

GameStop's release dates, as you well know, aren't always terribly accurate, especially this far off from the title's supposed launch. Their dates are usually estimates or dates sent in from the publishers (in this case SCEA), and only when delays or cancellations occur are dates moved, so just take this news with a grain of salt.

On another note, Gamestop and EB Games are now taking reservations for Resistance 2. As of today, for only $5, gamers can reserve a copy of this epic sequel and ensure that one is available the day the game releases.


Resistance 2 out Sept. 3rd according to GameStop *Update

"*Update: PSU called a few Gamestop stores to confirm the release date and apparently it's September 3rd, not the 18th. Once again though, Gamestop dates are only estimates from publishers and corprate, and are not official."

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NoUseMerc4385d ago

Since Resistance 2 will be such a huge launch, I think I will go get my pre-order in soon.

zambrota4385d ago

with 6 million solely in europe

You can still find resistance in all of the retailers top charts of eu .


RecSpec4385d ago

Gamestop's system is pretty messed up, the last 3 times I went to get a game at launch, they said there were only enough for the preorders. Luckily there was a Wal-Mart nearby.

Basically if you want it the first week, reserve it or dont go to Gamestop

Snukadaman4385d ago

Looks like your no swami....

MikeGdaGod4384d ago

maybe it's because i live in Chicago but, if Gamestop doesn't have it just go to Best Buy, Circuit City, Frye, malls, online.......

it's bound to be somewhere. i've had no problems getting a game the day it comes out. there's just too many stores that will have it. who cares if i can't get it from Gamestop?

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Hagaf224385d ago

ill be preordering this for sure, but not at gamestop, i have haze preordered there now but will be swapping that for dmc4 and then im done with them, ill use game crazy, prefer them much more.

Amagai Shuusuke4385d ago

I feel this game is being a
tad rushed. Especially after
what I heard Resistance 2 was
going to offer.

Bubble Buddy4385d ago

I really trust Insomniac, Ratchet in a year was gorgeous so Resistance will do just fine.

kornbeaner4385d ago

I think Resistance 2 was most likely on pre-production to production as soon as the first one was complete. They most likely had a small team on R2 while most of the attention was put on R&C. Then once R&C was complete they just put the whole team on it now.

Insomniac. is just not the name of the company its probably a way of life for most of the individuals that work there.

gamesR4fun4385d ago

ya they havnt let us down yet
expect this to be epic

Homicide4385d ago

Insomiac is a great developer for the PS3. This game will be better than the first. You can trust Insomiac.

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Iron Man 24385d ago

I will be sure to pre-order my copy of Resistance 2 when I go pick up my copy of DMC4 for the PS3(best version BTW),Resistance 2 is a BEAST!;)

Amagai Shuusuke4385d ago (Edited 4385d ago )

Makes you wonder though how big
a leap they'll make with the next
Ratchet & Clank title.

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The story is too old to be commented.