Velocity developer working on Nintendo 3DS title

It would appear that Futurlab – developer of phenomenal space shooter Velocity – are hard at work on a Nintendo 3DS game.

(This post to replace broken post here:

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MySwordIsHeavenly2745d ago

Thanks for reposting. :) Most people never care enough to do so.

disgaeapuchi2745d ago

No problem - many thanks for pointing out my error, I'm really sorry about that. (I had to laugh at my stupidity when I tested the borked link though)

TheTwelve2745d ago

Do we know if this game is coming to the Vita too?

disgaeapuchi2745d ago

Should do, there's no reason for them not to release it as a PS Minis game as well (thus instantly making it a PSP/Vita/PS3 title).

GodHandDee2745d ago

Why is this tagged for vita?

TheTwelve2744d ago

That's why I asked if this game is coming to Vita. =)

GodHandDee2744d ago

Yeah, its weird. There is no word of this heading to vita at the moment so I see no reason to tag it with vita. It's like tagging all EA games to ps3 because they have made a game before for it.